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YourVanC’s Weekly – Episode 23 – Playoff Baseball

Seriously, we’re talking playoffs???! No really, after a 22 year wait, meaning my partner Greg Balloch was just a wee ‘un the last time Toronto experienced playoff baseball, the Blue Jays are in with a shot at baseball’s holy grail.  As well as multiple champagne/beer showers as believe every series win gets its own celebration in the modern game.

Greg and I were expecting Ewan Ross to round out the discussion but unfortunately the Mentoch was otherwise engaged.  Nevertheless, we troopered on, discussing everything to do with the final week of the season, the playoff roster, and what to expect of the pitching matchups.

Plus, I get self conscious about saying ‘umm’ to much after Chris Archer took a bit of flak for using it too much during his otherwise excellent broadcasting debut.

And we kept it to around an hour!! Enjoy

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