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YourVanC’s Weekly – Episode 22 – Shane & StroShow!

After taking basically the entire summer off, missing out on the Vancouver Canadians season, our primary talking point on YourVanC’s ‘Weekly’, Greg and I hit the studio last night to slobber over the Blue Jays.

Which we did for 18 and change minutes before taking a call from the always excellent Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, the radio broadcaster for the single-A Lansing Lugnuts.  Jesse had just finished calling a bog-standard Midwest League game….ho hum….actually, it wasn’t so straightforward as Marcus Stroman had made his return to game action and JGS was able to give us a first hand point of view.

After listening to Stroman’s post-game presser, Drayton Valley’s own, Shane Dawson, joined us from Dunedin where he’s looking forward to one more start before the off-season.  Shane chats about his experience at the Pan-Am games, what he expects next season and the AFL.

19:00 – @jgoldstrass

48:00 – @MStrooo6 post game

52:30 – @DawsonJr23

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