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YourVanCs “Weekly” – Episode 13

I had hoped to get this podcast up in between the playoff doubleheader yesterday but a couple of friends came over, a few beers were sunk, and here we are.  One late podcast and one mild hangover.

This week, Greg and I took time away from our Thanksgiving turkeys (in fact, Greg was shovelling a burrito down his throat throughout the episode) to speak to former Ole Miss safety/punt returner and future Toronto Blue Jay outfielder Anthony Alford.

Was very interesting discussing with Anthony why he decided to leave football now.

After some warbling from yours truly we are then joined by local boy Tom Robson.  Tom sheds light on the process involved with Tommy John surgery.  From the diagnosis (or lack thereof) to surgery to rehab.  Excellent stuff and very topical considering how many Blue Jay minor leaguers are in the same boat.


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