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The Jays Org is Active

There’s been a ton of activity of late throughout Toronto’s organizational rungs and the with the big club itself.  Unfortunately, not all the movements were by design.  The injuries continue to pile up, both with the Jays and their minor league playing staff.  So, let’s save talking about JP Arencibia’s broken hand until the end of this post and discuss some of the moves made by the C’s.

As per my previous piece Art Charles was promoted from Bluefield on Monday.  Art was repeating at Bluefield this year, after being a 20th round draft pick in 2010,  so any sort of hot start (which he had) was going to garner a promotion.  I wasn’t sure how AC would be transitioned in to the team but I obviously wasn’t reading twitter closely enough:

Leyland was taking the bulk of reps at 1B so his demotion clears up space for AC and shifts Big Bopper Balbino back to DH.  I’ll be interested to see how this plays out, as previously Jorge Flores and Jason Leblebijian were splitting time at SS and DH and doing a pretty good job of it.  Regular readers of this blog (guess that’s just me then) know I haven’t been overly complimentary of Balbino, so is easy to guess how I feel about this situation.  Fuenmayor has had 6 seasons of pro ball, including parts of 3 with Lansing.  The fact he  is still in A- should tell us something.  With his wRC+ and wOBA slowly creeping back towards the mean (of the Northwest League!!), he may very well be a league average hitter statistically in a couple of weeks.  Unless the Jays see something I don’t, I can’t see why he would be taking ABs away from anyone.

On the pitching side, both Bobby Brosnahan and Drew Permison were put on the 7 day DL last night with undisclosed injuries (re I have no clue how to find out).  I left Bobby Bro off my starters piece as believe he’d only made a couple of spot starts at the time.  He’s made a few more since and his numbers are well, distinctly average.  So I won’t dwell too much on that.  Losing Drew hurts a bit more as he was effective as the C’s closer.  I was at the Nat on Tuesday and the relief corps just couldn’t lock it down in 1st game of doubleheader (admittedly the umpires didn’t help with some unbelievably bad calls) eventually losing in extras.  But, I digress.

I hate to sound excited when someone gets injured, but in this instance, I am a bit giddy.  I’m not sure if BB’s injury prompted a move or if Roberto was going to get promo’d anyway, but Roberto Osuna was called up from Bluefield to Vancouver last night.  Osuna has been excellent for Bluefield and he’s only 17!!!  I’ve written bits and bobs about Roberto before, all with the same theme, I really hope we see this kid in Vancouver eventually, and here we are.  Last season, as a 16 yr old, Osuna pitched against men in the Mexican League so shouldn’t be fazed in the slightest about pitching against college age players in the NWL.  And his team name in the Mexican League was Diablos Rojos del Mexico!  Now, I don’t speak a ton of Spanish but doesn’t that mean Devil Rockers of Mexico??!  This kid just keeps getting better and better.  I, for one, can’t wait to see him pitch.

With the additions of both Art Charles (AC) and Roberto (The Boss) Os the C’s prospect quotient has gone up by quite a bit.  With Dalton Pompey and Roan Salas both on the DL and Kellen Sweeney struggling mightily, the only prospect of note to watch on Tuesday night was the San Diego Chicken, that fella has some skills.

Speaking of which, am mulling over heading up to the Nat for their nooner (at 1:05) today only for the fact that I had the privilege (note: sarcasm) of seeing Ben White pitch for my 3rd straight trip on Tuesday.  Despite fact the Canadians secret service of a website hasn’t announced today’s starter yet, I would go based on the fact it couldn’t be Ben again.  Nothing against Mr White, as I’m sure he is a nice enough fella, but he doesn’t inspire on the mound.

Taylor Cole  threw another good game last night.  Looking at his past 5 starts you would expect maybe a call-up soon.  However, with the Lansing rotation in pretty good hands at the minute, it’s going to take a promotion of the Big 3 or injuries (please: not to the Big 3) to open up any spots.  And if The Boss Os throws well in Vancouver, will be interesting to see how far the Jays push him this year.

With those bright spots covered, will end this post on a downer.  JP Arencibia broke his hand last night and is likely out for the bulk of the season.  On a side note, this is another kick to the groin concerning my trip to Seattle next week for the Jays series.  Not only is JP a whole lot more fun to watch than Jeff Mathis,he’s a notorious frequenter of Cowgirls.

Last year, after a few alcoholic beverages, a mate and myself were giving JP some gentle ribbing about his attempts to grow a beard (it was rather sparse).  JP replied…’maybe when I’m as old as you guys, I’ll be able to grow one’.  Wow, punked by JP Arencibia.  Nice one.  We’ll miss him.  And oh ya, Bautista, Morrow, et al as well.

Actually, that beard is getting better


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