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Vancouver Canadians 2012 Left Fielders

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Left Fielders

After making our way around the infield we now move to the outfield.  Similar to the infield, most of the players spent a bit of time at multiple positions so I’ll defer to Baseball Reference and categorize by starts.  I may take some artistic license to even the posts out a bit.  See how we […]

Regular Season Stats

Regular Season Stats

Prior to today’s opening playoff game, I have posted final regular season stats for both the hitters and pitchers.  I debated setting some sort of innings and at bats limits to whittle the names down somewhat, but decided to leave as is to show all the names that have worn C’s black, red, and white […]

Tonight is Immense

Get it done Boss Man

And I don’t use words like Immense or Massive lightly.  This is actually a bit of a running joke, as I use those words all the time.  Even in situations that don’t actually merit them. But, for the C’s, tonight is rather Massive.  They are a half game back of the Eugene Emeralds who finish […]

Dalton Pompey a BBJ?

Pompey has turned himself into a Blue Jays top prospect (photo courtesy of vancouversun.com)

Right, now I am, and I don’t hesitate to admit this, thoroughly confused.  So, after breaking his hamate bone in his wrist, all the reports I read assumed Dalton Pompey was done for the season.  However, whilst surfing through the Jays minor league affiliates on Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see Pompey playing for […]

The Yak Attack

Gonna be a good day today

After my Replacements post yesterday, I toddled off to the Nat to see the 4 replacements + Taylor Cole in action.  I had hoped to do a quick write up on how those 5 got on, but unfortunately work (and a little bit of life) got in the way.  So now we’re 3 days removed from […]

Vancouver Canadians news and notes

Classic Pic

The C’s put a bit of a damper on Salem-Keizer’s 4th of July party by burning the Volcanoes (see what i did there) 8-2.  Kellen Sweeney took the C of the day, reaching base 3 times, including his first long ball of the season.  Kellen was one of my prospects to watch at the start […]

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting – Who’s on their way to the C’s?

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting – Who’s on their way to the C’s?

After mentioning in my last post that Kyle Anderson had been promoted to the C’s from the GCL Jays I happened upon a note that Philip Brua had been sent from Vancouver to Lansing.  Philip was a C’s returnee so good to see him earn a promotion after a good start to this season.  Brua […]

First trip to the Nat.

Ben White

I made my first foray to the Nat today, taking in one of the famous Nooners (at 1:05) at the Nat.  Of course, the allure of these nooners is the idea of sitting in the sun, drinking beer, watching baseball.  The first part of that equation is very hit and miss in Vancouver.  Today was […]