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Vancouver Canadians 2012 Shortstops


Next on our 2012 positional review is shortstop.  Admittedly, I thought it was going to be difficult to do a second basemen post, and believed I would have to add together with short to make a middle infield piece.  After discussing three different second sackers though, I now realize that the shortfall of names will […]

Regular Season Stats

Regular Season Stats

Prior to today’s opening playoff game, I have posted final regular season stats for both the hitters and pitchers.  I debated setting some sort of innings and at bats limits to whittle the names down somewhat, but decided to leave as is to show all the names that have worn C’s black, red, and white […]

That may have dashed the C’s 1st half title chances

That may have dashed the C’s 1st half title chances

The C’s dropped their 3rd in a row last night with a 5-1 loss to the Boise Hawks.  They now sit 4 and a half back of the Water-Sox with 12 to play.  Fact that none of those 12 are head to heads with Everett means will be very tough to make up the ground. […]

C’s v Aquasox – A Nooner at the Nat

Matt Johnson heater

Before I get into the baseball guts of this post, let me preface it by saying the weather in Vancouver has finally turned.  So, I’ll be honest, today’s charting was marred somewhat by a few Asahi Super Pops (make sure I tell you some time about the Asahi commercial I was in, that was fun) […]

Vancouver Canadians news and notes

Classic Pic

The C’s put a bit of a damper on Salem-Keizer’s 4th of July party by burning the Volcanoes (see what i did there) 8-2.  Kellen Sweeney took the C of the day, reaching base 3 times, including his first long ball of the season.  Kellen was one of my prospects to watch at the start […]

Vancouver Canadians Stats

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I’ve played around with the stats category a bit.  Previously I took what milb.com provided and plugged the numbers into my own spreadsheet with hacked formulas for advanced stats such as wOBA and WRC+.  They were a bit hacky as milb.com doesn’t provide all the necessary inputs for certain formulas so concessions needed to be […]