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Blue Jays Minor League Chat on the Team 1040 and the ChazMan

Chaz Frank with his usual dirty uni (photo courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

I caught up with all ’round good guy Matt Baker on the Team 1040 this past Friday following a particularly disappointing Blue Jays loss (aren’t they all?) versus the Angels.  Given the tough start on the night from Dustin McGowan, compounded by a terrible one against Cleveland last night, the injured (perennially so, it seems) […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Right Fielders

Man I love those Uniforms (photo courtesy of battersbox.ca)

After reviewing the left fielders in our last post, we switch around to the opposite side of the outfield, taking a close look at the right fielders to grace the hallowed turf of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.  Ideally your prototypical right fielder will be a middle of the order power bat while displaying […]

The Yak Attack

Gonna be a good day today

After my Replacements post yesterday, I toddled off to the Nat to see the 4 replacements + Taylor Cole in action.  I had hoped to do a quick write up on how those 5 got on, but unfortunately work (and a little bit of life) got in the way.  So now we’re 3 days removed from […]

The Replacements

The Replacements

As a reference to Sly Stallone and his repeated attempts to stay relevant in Hollywood (at least he has a paying career mind, so I can’t really be that negative), this post will hopefully intelligently break down the players who joined the C’s through the season.  In many instances it will be these ‘replacements’ that […]

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting

As a quick update to my prospecting post yesterday, today there were to promotions from Bluefield to the C’s and neither of the players were on my radar at all.  Shows how difficult it is to predict these things: July 4: OF Carlos Ramirez assigned to Vancouver Canadians (Short-A) from Bluefield Blue Jays (Rookie-APP). #bluejays […]