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Balbino Fuenmayor Released

Fuenmayor looks resplendent in C's black and red, shades, and monogrammed glove

This past Thursday saw the Blue Jays announce the outright release of Balbino Fuenmayor. Newsworthy for the Jays as, once again, they have given up on a first base prospect. A worrying theme when you consider how thin they are at the position organizationally. For Canadians fans, this will more than likely produce mixed feelings. […]

Vancouver Canadians Countdown

I was recently mulling over the idea of trying to code a countdown clock on to my site so that any visitors (hi mom) were reminded of how close we are to the opening of the Threepeat in Thirteen season. When looking at the C’s official site to confirm the start date though, I noticed […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 1st Basemen

This guy is flat out huge

As I mentioned in an earlier piece, as news for the Canadians will be light during the off-season, I’m going to run a series of posts looking at each position, who manned it in 2012 for the C’s, and where those players may end up in 2013.  I was having a think and decided I […]

The Replacements

The Replacements

As a reference to Sly Stallone and his repeated attempts to stay relevant in Hollywood (at least he has a paying career mind, so I can’t really be that negative), this post will hopefully intelligently break down the players who joined the C’s through the season.  In many instances it will be these ‘replacements’ that […]

The Jays Org is Active

Actually, that beard is getting better

There’s been a ton of activity of late throughout Toronto’s organizational rungs and the with the big club itself.  Unfortunately, not all the movements were by design.  The injuries continue to pile up, both with the Jays and their minor league playing staff.  So, let’s save talking about JP Arencibia’s broken hand until the end […]

Vancouver Canadians vs Eugene Emeralds

Vancouver Canadians vs Eugene Emeralds

A heartbreaker last night.  After a run of, let’s be honest, not great starts from the Canadians staff, Javier Avendano stopped the bleeding somewhat.  His line doesn’t look overly attractive, but after a few beers, anything is going to look good, and the 1 ER over 5 innings put the C’s in a position to win. […]

Vancouver Canadians Stats

Classic Pic

I’ve played around with the stats category a bit.  Previously I took what milb.com provided and plugged the numbers into my own spreadsheet with hacked formulas for advanced stats such as wOBA and WRC+.  They were a bit hacky as milb.com doesn’t provide all the necessary inputs for certain formulas so concessions needed to be […]

Not a great day for the Organization.

Classic Pic

According to my count, pretty much every team in the Jays organization lost today save the Fisher Cats.  And I’m going to be frank here, New Hampshire is probably the team I look at the least as they don’t strike me as all that prospect rich.  Jimenez is injured, I don’t think McDade will make […]

The Weekend that Was.

The Weekend that Was.

The C’s capped off a pretty nice weekend with a walk off win on Sunday v the double Ds.  In the bottom of the 10th, Nick ‘the Quick’ Baligod singled then in Little League like fashion managed to go station to station on 3 wild pitches.  Am sure the DDs manager was asking himself why […]