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Roberto Osuna Versus the Scorpions

Roberto Osuna made his second appearance for the Mesa Solar Sox this past Tuesday.  Facing the infamous Scottsdale Scorpions, Osuna looked to improve on his first outing in the Arizona Fall League, when he got knocked around a bit. Something I talked about here.

Looking at the below line and resultant stats, things didn’t seem to get much better for the Jays farmhand.  By all accounts (something I touch on below) the stuff has returned post TJ surgery.  It’s just that Roberto is catching a bit much of the plate.  Something that obviously worked against hitters in the lower minor leagues but won’t garner you much success against those who are good enough to play double-A.  A point made my Vancouver Canadian legend Tom Robson when he joined us on the podcast earlier this week.

Oct 9 vs SRR 1.333 6 1 6 0 1 2 5.25 12.76 13.50 2.00 6.75
Oct 14 vs SS 1 3 0 2 0 1 1 4.00 4.76 9.00 1.00 9.00
Totals 2.33 9 1 8 0 2 3 4.71 9.33 11.57 1.50 7.72

Like last week’s recap, the prospect status of the hitters Osuna faced is based on BA’s pre-2014 organizational lists.  Since there were a few less hitters this go ’round, I also added the mid-season prospect ranking (with pre-2014 in parentheses) of mlb.com

Batter Result Age Parent 2014 Level BA Prospect? MLB.com
Brandon Nimmo BB 21 NYM A+/AA 8 3 (7)
Dan Gamache F6 23 PIT AA N/A N/A
Greg Bird 1B 21 NYY A+/AA 8 11 (7)
Josh Bell* 1B 22 PIT A+/AA 7 3
L.J. Mazzilli 1B 24 NYM A/A+ N/A N/A
Matt Reynolds 3-1 23 NYM AA/AAA N/A 20 (NR)
Logan Moore K 24 PHI A+/AA N/A N/A
*pre-2014 rated 77 in BP’s top 100 prospects


The Scorpions seem to have more upper level prospects than Salt River who only had two players ranked in the top 10 (both of whom made the mlb.com mid-season list, oddly, switching rankings).

Josh Bell seems to be a legit top 100 prospect.  Slashing .335/.384/.502 in the FSL as a 21 year old (in what was basically his second pro season) before showing an ability to get on base in his double-A cup of coffee.

Drafted in the first round of Montana — a place that does not have high school baseball (!!) — Brandon Nimmo made solid if unspectacular progress through his first three pro seasons.  Things clicked a bit last year though, as You_Found_Nimmo broke out in a big way in the FSL, putting up a .906 OPS while managing a very tidy 0.98 BB/K ratio.  Despite not putting up the same numbers in his 65 Eastern League games, BA still thinks he may be sneaky good.

Matt Reynolds bears mentioning as well.  After being somewhat terrible in the FSL in 2013, Reynolds decided that if he improved his BABIP by 160 or so points he would see his numbers improve across the board.  That being said, he did OPS .864 in AAA so can’t be all that terrible.  That being said, the Mets AAA affiliate is in Vegas.  Blue Jays fans know about that yard.

On another note (as this post is so late), Yankees prospect Greg Bird went 2 for 4 on Thursday with 2 home runs, spawning this blurb from BP’s Greg Moore.

The average age of the Tuesday’s opposition was about 22 and a half so approximately two years older than our hero.  All, bar L.J. Mazzilli (who I can’t find dick on by the way) spent at least a portion of 2014 in AA.  As I’ve been told numerous times, within the minor leagues, the biggest jump is from A+ to AA.

In a roundabout way, what I’m trying to say, is that giving up three singles and a walk to some pretty good prospects and a lineup that is older and (at least level-wise) better than you isn’t the end of the world.

And luckily for us, the above statement was confirmed — somewhat — by Bernie Pleskoff who had eyes on him during the game.  Pleskoff gave some commentary on twitter while also answering a few questions as per below:

And a quick word on Dalton Pompey for good measure

Based on my back of the napkin math we should see Osuna again on Monday as the Solar Sox face-off agains their arch nemesis the Surprise Saguaros.  Home of some very good Seattle Mariners prospects that we have seen come through the Nat as members of the Everett Aquasox.

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