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I hate Boston……and John Farrell

That was depressing.  But here’s the thing, I almost didn’t bother watching the Jays game tonight just for the fact it was Dice K vs Laffey.  Matsuzaka has to be the most excruciatingly painful pitcher to watch.  He works slow, nibbles, so throws a ton of pitches, and for some fucking reason, always manages to beat the Jays.  And, well, I thought Laffey would get hammered.  Unbelievably he threw very well.  The Jays really should have scored a few more for him, and it came back to bite him them on the arse.

After Fraser blew the lead by giving up a 2 out ding dong to Saltalamacchia, Perez was brought in to pitch to lhb Kalish.  And this is where I get frustrated with Farrell.  After giving up a double, which really highlighted Lind’s lack of range at 1st, he lifted Perez for David Pauley.  Perez’s splits against lefties and righties are not that different, whereas Pauley is just flat out brutal.  If the Angels are putting him on waivers, it ain’t because he’s good.  In this situation, why not just stick with the guy who is obviously a better pitcher?  Rather than attempt to get a matchup that will be irrelevant anyway?

Well, true to form, I think Pauley went hbp, bb, single. Two runs scored. And then, as if he’s just flat out given up on this game, Farrell leaves him in for the next inning!!  Double, single, double, nice work arse hole.  Finally we get a new chucker.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.  And Ricky Romero establishes his fastball early and pounds the zone with it.

ummm, I’m not sure what I’m doing out here

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  1. CRD#24 says:

    Romero is getting worse and worse! Ive never seen a pitcher rated as an Ace walk so many batters and have control issues.. maybe ill sign on with the club and show them how to get ahead of batters!!

    Jays started out Okay in spring training but they are still mediocre at best, now they brought back Adam Lind.. whoa that’s a big move!

    • Charlie says:

      Spring training means nothing. And yes, if you define mediocre as a 500 ball club, that’s what they are. Still, there is hope for the future and Anthopolous shouldn’t deviate from that plan by looking to trade for a pitcher now. Stay the course and take your lumps now.

      Romero is frustrating this season, but you’re right, he’s never been a true ace. Fans (and certain parts of the media) made him into one just because they wanted it so bad

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