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Archive for May, 2013

Balbino Fuenmayor Released

Fuenmayor looks resplendent in C's black and red, shades, and monogrammed glove

This past Thursday saw the Blue Jays announce the outright release of Balbino Fuenmayor. Newsworthy for the Jays as, once again, they have given up on a first base prospect. A worrying theme when you consider how thin they are at the position organizationally. For Canadians fans, this will more than likely produce mixed feelings. […]

Deconstructing Daniel Norris

The next Blue Jay? Norris relaxes at spring training (image courtesy of mlbprospectportal.com)

I’m going to admit something right off the hop here. This blog has been quite Daniel Norris centric through its short lifetime. From our first post to now, Daniel has probably (although not officially measured) garnered the most ink. So, why are we taking more time to talk about him? Well, as per my last […]

Vancouver Canadians Countdown

I was recently mulling over the idea of trying to code a countdown clock on to my site so that any visitors (hi mom) were reminded of how close we are to the opening of the Threepeat in Thirteen season. When looking at the C’s official site to confirm the start date though, I noticed […]

What Can We Read Into the Blue Jays April?

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (image courtesy of the vancouversun.com)

I’m tired.  Nine days into an intensive firefighting course in the Texas heat and I feel like Chael Sonnen after Jon Jones was through with me.  I’m not trying to whine, just provide some context to why I feel quite negative about the Toronto Blue Jays at the moment.  Maybe it’s the fatigue.  The fact […]