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Vancouver Canadians 2012 Center Fielders

photo courtesy of Mississauga.com

‘Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today……’ And, with that classic line we round out the positional review of the outfield with probably the most exciting group, the center fielders.  Center, as a position, has always held a bit of mystique for me.  And it’s not solely because it’s the position I am […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Right Fielders

Man I love those Uniforms (photo courtesy of battersbox.ca)

After reviewing the left fielders in our last post, we switch around to the opposite side of the outfield, taking a close look at the right fielders to grace the hallowed turf of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.  Ideally your prototypical right fielder will be a middle of the order power bat while displaying […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Left Fielders

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Left Fielders

After making our way around the infield we now move to the outfield.  Similar to the infield, most of the players spent a bit of time at multiple positions so I’ll defer to Baseball Reference and categorize by starts.  I may take some artistic license to even the posts out a bit.  See how we […]

The Greatest PDC of all Time Extended

The Greatest PDC of all Time Extended

I got so caught up trying to sound intelligent with my questioning of Alex Anthopoulos in my last post, that I forgot to talk about the  most important piece of news that came out of the hotstove luncheon. The Jays and Canadians have agreed to extend their relationship a further two years until 2016.  I […]