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An Open Letter to Alex Anthopoulos

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (image courtesy of the vancouversun.com)

Despite being the pre-eminent (read: only) Vancouver Canadians blogger out there, I did not receive an invitation to Friday’s hot stove luncheon at the Vancouver Hotel.  Being a glass half full kinda guy I’m going to give the C’s brass a pass and blame it on Canada Post.  Gives them an easy out in what […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 Third Basemen

Sweeney sneaks a bit of cake between pitches
(photo courtesy of vancouverprovince.com)

Third base earns the consistency prize for 2012, being manned by the same player for sixty-three of seventy-six games, or 83% of the regular season.  That bests Jorge Flores who got into ‘only’ fifty-four games at short. But, before we discuss the stalwart at third, and he is worthy of a discussion as is an […]

2013 Vancouver Canadians Predictions

Welcome back Clayton, the umps will still be bad in 2013 (photo courtesy of battersbox.ca)

We’re still a ways away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Dunedin, and even further away from the end of extended spring training and the announcement of the Canadians roster.  Despite that, we can still try and come up with some predictions for the 2013 season.  So, from the serious to the inane, presenting the […]

2012 Vancouver Canadians Season in Review

2012 Vancouver Canadians Season in Review

Everybody, around Christmas time, does year in review pieces along with their 2013 predictions.  I missed the boat on this one, which is especially egregious since I’ve been making noises all winter about how little content I am faced with covering a short season rookie ball team.  However, I do have an excuse or two.  […]