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Vancouver Canadians 2012 2nd Basemen

Vancouver Canadians 2012 2nd Basemen

Continuing the series breaking down the 2012 Northwest League Champion Vancouver Cs by position, today we look at the second basemen.  But first, a housekeeping note, the 2013 schedule for yourvancs is up on milb.com.  I have added June’s games into the Vancouver C’s Schedule section.  Check it out.  Gives us something to look forward […]

June 2013

June 2013

June 2013: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14    @TRI 15    @TRI 16    @TRI 17    vs SPO 18    vs SPO 19    vs SPO 20    @ SK 21    @ SK 22    @ SK 23    @ SK 24    @ SK 25    @ SPO […]

More C’s Prospecting

Looking sharp, Lopes in his C's duds

This post is more of an extended postscript to my previous piece that looked at Marc Hulet’s Blue Jays top 15 prospect article.  He had to add a few more names to the list as a couple were, unfortunately, subtracted when Alex Anthopolous pulled the trigger on a twelve player swap with the Miami Marlins.  […]

Vancouver Canadians on Hulet’s Radar

A potential 4.5 tool star

In between my 2012 positional breakdown, there’s been some actual news related to the Canadians.  Marc Hulet, the respected prospect evaluator and writer released his prospect ‘Top 15‘ for the Blue Jays.  I’m not going to paraphrase too much of the article as it is well worth a read in its own right.  But I […]

Vancouver Canadians 2012 1st Basemen

This guy is flat out huge

As I mentioned in an earlier piece, as news for the Canadians will be light during the off-season, I’m going to run a series of posts looking at each position, who manned it in 2012 for the C’s, and where those players may end up in 2013.  I was having a think and decided I […]