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Tonight is Immense

Get it done Boss Man

And I don’t use words like Immense or Massive lightly.  This is actually a bit of a running joke, as I use those words all the time.  Even in situations that don’t actually merit them. But, for the C’s, tonight is rather Massive.  They are a half game back of the Eugene Emeralds who finish […]

Dalton Pompey a BBJ?

Pompey has turned himself into a Blue Jays top prospect (photo courtesy of vancouversun.com)

Right, now I am, and I don’t hesitate to admit this, thoroughly confused.  So, after breaking his hamate bone in his wrist, all the reports I read assumed Dalton Pompey was done for the season.  However, whilst surfing through the Jays minor league affiliates on Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see Pompey playing for […]


He's finally here

Well, I wrote the Replacements thinking that may be the end of the new players the C’s would see as they make a push towards the 2nd half title.  Ummm, I was wrong.  I missed the news, and am a bit late talking about it, as was in the middle of a marathon drive to […]

The Yak Attack

Gonna be a good day today

After my Replacements post yesterday, I toddled off to the Nat to see the 4 replacements + Taylor Cole in action.  I had hoped to do a quick write up on how those 5 got on, but unfortunately work (and a little bit of life) got in the way.  So now we’re 3 days removed from […]

The Replacements

The Replacements

As a reference to Sly Stallone and his repeated attempts to stay relevant in Hollywood (at least he has a paying career mind, so I can’t really be that negative), this post will hopefully intelligently break down the players who joined the C’s through the season.  In many instances it will be these ‘replacements’ that […]



Aug-12  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday 1 vs SK 2 vs SK 3 @ EUG 4 @ EUG W 5-1 W 11-4 W 3-1 W 8-5 5 @ EUG 6 @ TC 7 @ TC 8 @ TC 9 @ TC 10 @ TC 11 vs YAK W 4-0 W 5-1 L 1-8 […]

C’s News and Notes

I forgot to mention that McFarland is an ex-C

I’ve updated both the hitting and pitching stats today.  On the hitting side I included Dwight Smith Jr’s Bluefield stats as……. Aug. 9: OF Dwight Smith, Jr., assigned to Vancouver Canadians (Short-A) from Bluefield Blue Jays (Rookie-APP). #bluejays — Blue Jays Moves (@BlueJaysMoves) August 9, 2012 I originally pushed for Dwight’s promotion here.  Now, the […]

Pitching Stats – Aug 10th

What a beard.

Name Age IP K/9 BB/9 K/BB HR/9 K% BB% AVG WHIP BABIP LOB% ERA FIP E-F Marcus Stroman 21 11.1 11.91 2.38 5 0 33.3% 6.7% 0.191 0.970 0.296 54.6% 3.18 1.35 1.83 Roberto Osuna 16 11.2 14.66 4.63 3.17 0 36.5% 11.5% 0.174 1.200 0.296 64.3% 2.31 1.49 0.83 Ian Kadish 23 22.2 14.29 […]

Hitters Stats – Aug 10th

Hitters Stats – Aug 10th

Name Age PA BB% K% BB/K AVG OBP SLG OPS ISO Spd BABIP wRC wRAA wOBA wRC+ Dalton Pompey 19 44 20.5% 15.9% 1.290 0.294 0.442 0.441 0.883 0.147 9.1 0.370 9 3.7 0.44 172 Jorge Flores 20 163 8.6% 19.0% 0.450 0.287 0.386 0.434 0.820 0.147 6.4 0.359 25 6.5 0.381 134 Matt Newman […]

Canadians Starting Staff – Part Deux

In Javier we trust

I can’t believe this is my first post of August.  After undergoing a brain induced coma whilst watching the Jays get swept by Seattle, it was diagnosed with a mild case of Olympic fever.  But as that winds down, it’s back to baseball and back to Your Vancouver Canadians.  Obviously quite a bit has happened […]