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YourVanC’s Weekly – Episode 21- Meet the C’s!

If last week Greg and I got together with Ewan Ross for the second annual Blue Jays draft edition of the podcast then this is officially the 2nd annual (see a theme here?) meet the Vancouver Canadians edition.

There were only 24 players that flew north from Dunedin last Sunday but as we learned through interviews with manager John Schneider and pitching coach Jim Czajkowski there are more bodies to come.  Including the Jays 2015th 1st round pick Jon Harris and 4th rounder Carl Wise.

For all the various interview times see below.  Greg and I also get a chance to talk improvements to the Nat and how that is going to affect (i.e. make better) the overall fan experience.

0:14:00 – Clinton Hollon, Starting Pitcher
0:22:30 – John Schneider, Manager
0:41:15 – Lane Thomas, Second Base
0:46:30 – Sean Ratcliffe, Relief Pitcher
0:56:00 – Jim Czajkowski, Pitching Coach


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