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Your Van Cs Weekly – Episode 4

Coming hot off the heels of Episode 3, this week we do a bonus mid-week edition of the Your Van Cs podcast.  Once again, workaholic Greg Balloch is stuck in studio while I call in from a deck while drinking.  This time it’s not my deck in Vancouver but that of the family cabin on the Sunshine Coast.

Greg was not happy as he could probably hear me sipping my Sapporo Biru over the phone.

As this was a special edition we limited the interview portion of the podcast to a quick chat I had with Canada Day C’s starter (and former Bluefield and GCL Jay) Zakery Wasilewski.

The rest of the time is just Greg and I shooting the shit about baseball.  Mainly the C’s, but we do throw in some Blue Jays, Bisons, and other random baseball chat.


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