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Your Van Cs “Monthly” – Episode 18

Greg and I dragged (well, for Greg it’s not really that far as he works there) our arses back to the studio to knock out a “celebrating the start of spring training” podcast.

This week (month) we were joined by my ex-Jays Journal colleague and current proprietor of CapitalJays.com Kyle Matte.  I’ve mentioned Kyle’s site in this space plenty of times so won’t extoll the virtues right now but suffice it to say, if you haven’t read his stuff, you should.

We cover loads of topics during Kyle’s 40 odd minutes on the show, including Marcus Stroman (because you just have to), Aaron Sanchez and Miguel Castro‘s starting chops, Noah Syndergaard‘s lunch and most importantly Kevin Pillar‘s eyebrows.

I’ve embedded the Soundcloud copy below, but if you prefer ITunes, check out the YourVanCs page here.


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