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Where is Daniel Norris?

Welcome to YourVancouverCanadians.  My attempt to transform into a baseball writer.  Let’s be honest though, to start, I’m happy with baseball blogger.  And if anyone actually reads my stuff and decides to tar me with the blogger cliche of sitting in my parent’s basement tapping out posts whilst modelling my cleanest (or thereabouts) underwear then I’ll be absolutely thrilled.

This blog is going to focus solely on the World Famous Vancouver Canadians.  2011 Northwest League Champions.  I think the C’s are the best place to start for a lot of reasons, which am sure we’ll go into throughout the course of the blog, but for now we can just use the proximity rule.  I can walk to the Nat in 20 minutes.  Hopefully this means I’ll be taking in as many games as humanly possible.  Of course, having a second child due in about a month may eat into my baseball time, but hopefully the wee bub is open to new experiences……right away.

I’m also a massive Blue Jays fans, so, for me, the addition of Vancouver as one of their short season affiliates was brilliant.  I have a vested interest in the performance of the C’s, not only as a supporter, but also as an amateur scout.  The blog will mainly be looking at the performance (hopefully objectively) of the playing staff.  I’ll look at stats that may not be covered in the day to day boxscores you can find on milb.  Will also look at things from a player development standpoint, both with the current C’s as well as players that have moved on, both up and down in the Blue Jays system.  Am guessing there will be lots of other stuff covered as well (see below).  Just don’t fancy making a list right now.

So, without further ado, your Vancouver Canadians 2011 roster.  Which leads us back to the title of this particular post.  Where is Daniel Norris?  Norris was taken in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft, only falling that far due to signability concerns.  He was 1st round talent and made numerous ‘top 100ish’ prospect lists without throwing an inning of pro ball.  Here’s an excellent description from the pros at Jays Journal.  I remember another article (I’ll try to find the link) that ranked the top 5 pitching prospects in the Jays system and think of the 5 or 6 scouts asked, at least 2 of them had him as their number 1.  Ahead of uber prospects (and ex-C’s) Nicolino, Sanchez, and Syndergaard.

Due to his last minute signing Norris didn’t pitch any pro-ball last season.  At spring training, there was noise that he may skip short season and head straight to Lansing but that never materialised.  So, if not in Low A, why hasn’t Dan made the long flight to rainy Vancouver?  If the Northwest League is the top league for short season ball and the C’s a rung below Lansing, I’m curious as to why such a talent would start anywhere else.

These are some of the other issues which I’ll take a look at throughout the course of the blog.  Possibly the Jays want to keep Norris close to their Dunedin complex so will throw a few games with the GCL Jays before moving on.  Or, he had such a good extended spring, he’ll wind up with one of the longer season A ball teams.  Hopefully can dig through some of the machinations used by the Jays front office when deciding where players are sent and what sort of player fits the profile of a Northwest League player.  If there is one at all.

So there’s that.  The inaugural post of YourVancouverCanadians.  My ambitions may outweigh my actual writing acumen but at the very at least I hope to inform a little, entertain a little, and drink a bunch of beer.

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