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Two Canadians Heading to the…..Canadians?

The beauty of the internet, specifically twitter, is that, like Varys and his numerous ‘spiders’, you have the ability to disseminate unbelievable amounts of information in one place (forgive the Game of Thrones reference, am feeling particularly nerdy today). Whereas previously you were expected to ‘work the phones’, now a very interesting piece of information may very well just pop up on your screen. Of course, the bulk of the time that information may be completely bunk, but who says that should stop us knocking out a quick post talking about the possibilities.

The above preamble is related to a tweet I had waiting for me when I got up this morning. A contact of mine (who owes me beers I might add) is in Bluefield scouting the B-Jays, had some news for me. I won’t just copy and paste the tweet as was sent directly so

Tom Robson with the JNT (image courtesy of jaysjournal.com)

Tom Robson with the JNT (image courtesy of jaysjournal.com)

am assuming said contact doesn’t want it public until confirmed, but in a nutshell, he informed me that two of the Bluefield pitchers had been dropped off at the airport yesterday and although wasn’t one hundred percent certain who the two were he was fairly certain they were the Canadian boys Shane Dawson and Tom Robson. Now, I suppose they could be being given the B.C. Day long weekend off, so flying home, or even skipping Vancouver and heading to Lansing, but let’s discount both those possibilities (especially the first one, a poor attempt at humour) and assume they they are on a flight to Oregon to meet up with the boys in Eugene.

I wouldn’t normally trade in unconfirmed reports, but in this case I’m going to make an exception for a few reasons. One, I trust the source. Two, having two more Canadians on the C’s is newsworthy, especially Robson, who is a Ladner native. And three, both would jump to the top of the queue as far as pitching prospects on the C’s, although Jeremy Gabryszwski may have something to say about that.

I’ve given brief scouting reports on the two already, with Dawson here and Robson here, so won’t repeat myself. By no means are they top ten prospects in the Jays system but if you were to do a top thirty they both might sneak in. Not bad considering the depth of pitching still in the Jays organization.

I haven’t fully thought out how the staff would shake out if and when both Canucks arrive. With Roberto Osuna still on the disabled list in Lansing and Ben White struggling of late, there is a very good chance that, at the very least, Eric Brown could make his way up.

Either way, if the information received proves true, it will make for a more interesting opener to the homestand Wednesday, you know, aside from the fact that I haven’t gotten to watch baseball, or eat a pulled pork sandwich in eight days.

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