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The Weekend that Was.

The C’s capped off a pretty nice weekend with a walk off win on Sunday v the double Ds.  In the bottom of the 10th, Nick ‘the Quick’ Baligod singled then in Little League like fashion managed to go station to station on 3 wild pitches.  Am sure the DDs manager was asking himself why the fuck he got into minor league baseball watching that.

The fact they even managed to play on Saturday was a win in itself.  The weather was miserable with thunderstorms out in the valley, thankfully cancelling my game after I’d only driven a mile or so.  Johnny Olerud was up, and being from the Seattle area, he’s used to a little rain so am sure he put on a brave face.  The hitting start on Saturday was Balbino the Big Bopper who had 3 hits including his 3rd hr of the season.  I have to admit, I wasn’t all that impressed when I saw him on Friday.  He looks like he’ll feast on the 88/89 mph fastballs he’s been seeing so far this year, but seemed to get off-balance whenever he saw some off-speed.  I’m not going to fall victim to small sample size syndrome and regurgitate his numbers so far this season.  Will take a closer look when I hit the Nat later on this week.

ya, those 3 could rake

The pitching was, again, very good over the weekend.  C’s chuckers have gotten off to a nice start so far this season.  Am not sure if, like say, spring training, the pitchers are just ahead of the hitters early in the season but bears watching.  They also have quite a few returnees on the staff so may just be a case that they are one step of hitters who have made a jump this season.  Again, small sample size, so see how the next couple of months play out.



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