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The Trade – Does it Affect Your Van Cs

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the 10 player mega/average/meh (depending on who you read) swap that AA pulled off with Houston, but as usual, life has somehow intervened.  I won’t trot out the same tired excuses of new baby, my own mediocre sporting endeavours, etc etc but just try and write the best damn belated trade post I can.

So, in summary, Toronto gets, by most accounts, 3 perfectly average pitchers and gives up 2 VERY average major leaguers + 4 prospects and the omnipotent player to be named later (PTBNL) which, hopefully, turns out to be just cash.  I won’t delve to much into the two major leaguers sent to Houston, but will note that, the day before the trade I did post that Ben Francisco should go.  Of course, I think most Jays bloggers have said something to the same effect numerous times, so won’t try and take credit for my prediction.  And the less said about Cordero, the better.  So, we’ll move on.

I’m not a scout.  I have never professed to be one.  I’d like to get a bit better in recognizing talent, but from where I live and work, I only get to see Vancouver Canadians games.  None of the 4 prospects sent to Houston played for the C’s so I can’t give a first hand assessment of their merits.  I’ll rely on pro scouts and other such internet ‘experts’ and from what I can gather……well, nobody really knows.  ‘A’ ball and below pitchers are lottery tickets.  These were not Triple A players knocking on the Blue Jays door.  They’ll fill out Houston’s minor league depth chart.  That’s not to say they may one day become solid mlb regulars.  Wojciechowski, Musgrove, and Perez were all in the top 20 of most pundits Jays prospects lists.  Both the Wo and  Jo Musgrove had pitched well of late (Musgrove had been shut down for awhile due to shoulder stiffness).  But, all were in their repeat years at their current levels, so who knows?  I’m going to trust the Jays ability to make decisions on their own talent.  They currently have a ton of pitching prospects throughout their org. depth chart and Perez  was probably sitting 3rd or 4th as far as catching depth is concerned.  Not to mention the fact their mlb catcher is only in his early 20s.   So, the Jays dealt from positions of strength to acquire what they thought they needed.  And they do need big league ready pitching.

What interests me concerning this deal is how it will affect the Canadians this season.  I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago predicting Joe Musgrove would be promoted to Vancouver by August.  This move makes that redundant.  But, with the organizational loss of 3 pitchers you would have thought others will be moved around to fill the positions vacated.  This could create some interesting scenarios, and hopefully allow Vancouver Canadians fans to see some of the hyped prospects currently in Bluefield and the GCL Jays.  The Jays have made some minor signings to fill holes at AA New Hampshire, but I would have thought, somebody or a group of somebodies will still need to move up to A+ Dunedin to not only fill Asher’s shoes but also get challenged a little further themselves.  Despite Aaron Sanchez’ having a rough past couple of outings, it’s time for him, Syndergaard, and Nicolino to move up a level.  This will have a trickle down effect as C’s pitchers will need to step up and fill the void, thereby creating holes to filled in Vancouver, and so on, and so on.

Should be interesting.


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