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Talking Toronto Blue Jays on the Team and

A busy week leaves this piece a bit late to the post but I joined the indomitable Matt Baker last friday for our usual discussion buffet on the Toronto Blue Jays and their minor league affiliates.

A couple of the topics we covered have turned out to be quite prescient.

Our Buffalo chat focused on the success of Liam Hendriks and lo and behold he was called up for his first Blue Jay start last night.  With three walks (matching his season total thus far with Buffalo) and a hit batsmen I don’t think he lived quite up to the ‘strike throwing machine’ tag he’d been given but it was a decent outing nonetheless.

We also discussed the state of the AL East and, with many of the usual powerhouses struggling, both with injuries and poor play what sort of win total would it take to come out on top.  We’d both read articles predicting something in the mid-80s might get it done.  Amazing given the recent history of the division.  And if you were looking to be amazed even more?  The bright sparks at fangraphs.com currently have the Jays taking the division with 85 wins.

After winning five of six road games, with Edwin Encarnacion seemingly hitting ding dongs at will, it’s definitely fun times for Jays fans right now.

To temper all the goodwill, there was some disheartening news on the farm this week.  With a couple of pitchers suffering serious injuries.  One of which I’m only going to tease as want to make a full post of it.  Both affect the Vancouver Canadians though as a guy who I’d hoped to see at the Nat this year, Clinton Hollonannounced, via his twitter account, that he was undergoing the seemingly more and more prevalent Tommy John surgery.

The news isn’t overly shocking as Hollon fell down most draft boards due to forearm ‘tightness’ during his junior year.  As my colleagues at Jays Journal noted during their draft write up.  Hollon confirmed his UCL was ‘59% torn pre-draft’ during this very interesting twitter conversation.

Despite the less-than-imposing size, the right-hander is listed at 6’1″ 191 pounds, there is no doubting his stuff, with a mid to high 90s fastball and devastating slider.  If he can get the elbow sorted out, the 19 year old won’t be too far behind the curve when he returns.

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