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YourVanCs Weekly – Ep 17 – The ‘Luncheon’

Castro looks set to unload (courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

Last night, Greg and I shook off the podcast rust (and the Ballochian one troopered through a cold) and hit the studio to discuss the Vancouver Canadians Hot Stove Lucheon.  Prior to the lunch I got the opportunity to interview Aaron Sanchez, Marcus Stroman, Drew Hutchison and Russell Martin.  All those are below as well […]

Lunch With the Blue Jays

Robbie Alomar holds court

The Vancouver Canadians hosted their annual hot stove luncheon Friday at the Hotel Vancouver.  I spoke a bit last year on the excellent causes supported by the event so won’t go into that again.  Instead, will focus on the Blue Jays’y stuff. Prior to the lunch I got the chance to have a quick chat with […]

The Greatest PDC of all Time Extended

The Greatest PDC of all Time Extended

I got so caught up trying to sound intelligent with my questioning of Alex Anthopoulos in my last post, that I forgot to talk about the  most important piece of news that came out of the hotstove luncheon. The Jays and Canadians have agreed to extend their relationship a further two years until 2016.  I […]

An Open Letter to Alex Anthopoulos

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (image courtesy of the vancouversun.com)

Despite being the pre-eminent (read: only) Vancouver Canadians blogger out there, I did not receive an invitation to Friday’s hot stove luncheon at the Vancouver Hotel.  Being a glass half full kinda guy I’m going to give the C’s brass a pass and blame it on Canada Post.  Gives them an easy out in what […]