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Vancouver Canadians 2012 Right Fielders

Man I love those Uniforms (photo courtesy of battersbox.ca)

After reviewing the left fielders in our last post, we switch around to the opposite side of the outfield, taking a close look at the right fielders to grace the hallowed turf of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.  Ideally your prototypical right fielder will be a middle of the order power bat while displaying […]

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting – Who’s on their way to the C’s?

Vancouver Canadians Prospecting – Who’s on their way to the C’s?

After mentioning in my last post that Kyle Anderson had been promoted to the C’s from the GCL Jays I happened upon a note that Philip Brua had been sent from Vancouver to Lansing.  Philip was a C’s returnee so good to see him earn a promotion after a good start to this season.  Brua […]

The Weekend that Was.

The Weekend that Was.

The C’s capped off a pretty nice weekend with a walk off win on Sunday v the double Ds.  In the bottom of the 10th, Nick ‘the Quick’ Baligod singled then in Little League like fashion managed to go station to station on 3 wild pitches.  Am sure the DDs manager was asking himself why […]

First trip to the Nat.

Ben White

I made my first foray to the Nat today, taking in one of the famous Nooners (at 1:05) at the Nat.  Of course, the allure of these nooners is the idea of sitting in the sun, drinking beer, watching baseball.  The first part of that equation is very hit and miss in Vancouver.  Today was […]