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Introducing The Ghost: Matt Hitt

Matt Hitt warms up in the pen (image courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

Regular readers of this blog (hi Mom) are aware that I have a predilection for both stats and spreadsheets. When it comes to baseball stats, there are two websites that are essential when covering any baseball, but are especially helpful with minor league information. Baseball Reference and Fangraphs are my writing bibles. Which is why […]

Vancouver Canadians don’t Bring the Rain

Eric Brown warms up with a couple of smirking photo bombers (courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

Just like I’m no scout, I’m also no weatherman. And I’m sure they do study to get to their lofty positions, but wow, do they ever get it wrong in Vancouver. Today was no exception as a forecast of rain all day (and it was quite gloomy in the morning) turned into a nice mix […]