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Not a great day for the Organization.

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According to my count, pretty much every team in the Jays organization lost today save the Fisher Cats.  And I’m going to be frank here, New Hampshire is probably the team I look at the least as they don’t strike me as all that prospect rich.  Jimenez is injured, I don’t think McDade will make […]

I hate Boston……and John Farrell

I hate Boston……and John Farrell

That was depressing.  But here’s the thing, I almost didn’t bother watching the Jays game tonight just for the fact it was Dice K vs Laffey.  Matsuzaka has to be the most excruciatingly painful pitcher to watch.  He works slow, nibbles, so throws a ton of pitches, and for some fucking reason, always manages to […]

The Weekend that Was.

The Weekend that Was.

The C’s capped off a pretty nice weekend with a walk off win on Sunday v the double Ds.  In the bottom of the 10th, Nick ‘the Quick’ Baligod singled then in Little League like fashion managed to go station to station on 3 wild pitches.  Am sure the DDs manager was asking himself why […]

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Gonna be a good day today

I’m going to be honest. Baseball withdrawal is more difficult than one could imagine.  Yesterday I was helping a friend make his homemade stout (whilst also sampling his previous brews) so couldn’t get a look in on the Jays series finale against the Brewers. And later in the day I was out with both Big […]

Prospects vs Results


If you’ve read my latest couple of blurbs under prospecting you’ll have seen bit about the Jays Journal Prospect Hot Sheet.  I had a quick twitter chat with Kyle Matte who writes the weekly piece (well worth a follow) and asked him about why he only mentioned the ‘noteworthy’ players opening their seasons with Bluefield […]