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The Trade – Does it Affect Your Van Cs

The Trade – Does it Affect Your Van Cs

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the 10 player mega/average/meh (depending on who you read) swap that AA pulled off with Houston, but as usual, life has somehow intervened.  I won’t trot out the same tired excuses of new baby, my own mediocre sporting endeavours, etc etc but just try and write the […]

The Yan Comes Up, Will the Yan go Down?

Why would they send me back down?

Yan Gomes was called up on his 25th birthday last night as cover for the possibility that ‘Superman’ Brett Lawrie is unable to drag his injured calf back on the field after deciding a foul pop was worth diving into a 6 foot deep camera well.  Hopefully that is the last run on sentence of […]