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California Dreaming and Blue Jays Trucks are Leaving

Team Caskey backs the California League Champions

I often get asked, usually from those that want to troll me, why I love baseball so much.  I have to admit, despite purporting to be a baseball writer, I often to struggle to answer the question with any clarity.  It’s like getting asked what I see in my wife.  There’s so many things it’d […]

Past, Present, and (maybe) Future C’s

Please stay healthy! Who is the kid? That Nicolino?

I really don’t want to start this post off with another Dalton Pompey reference but, well, he does seem to be the topic du semaine (that right?). So, after seeing him live at the Nat and pegging him as one of the few prospects to watch in my original prospects post, Kyle Matte leads off […]