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Vancouver Canadians, The Draft, and other Notes

Vancouver Canadians, The Draft, and other Notes

Wow, that sort of snuck up on me. With all the focus on the draft, Lansing’s young pitchers, and everything Blue Jay, I’d lost sight of the most important things…..Opening Day for the Canadians! The season kicks off Friday with a quick road trip to Tri-City before the Nat opens for business on Monday where […]

Drafting Future Vancouver Canadians

AA in a good mood (must have been prior to last season) image courtesy of vancouversun.ca

The rule 4 MLB draft kicks off Thursday with rounds one and two on the dock. Three through ten will take place Friday and finally, on Saturday, we see the remaining thirty rounds. The changes made to the structure of the draft, how the slot system works, and penalties incurred for going over a team’s […]

Anthony Alford a Vancouver Canadian?

Will two sport start Anthony Alford spend parts of 2013 in Vancouver? (photo courtesy of mlbprospectportal.com)

In the never-ending quest to predict the Vancouver Canadians opening day roster prior to…..Opening Day, some interesting bits of intelligence are starting to filter over the airwaves. The MLB draft takes place from the 6th through 8th of June which will provide a chunk of the roster. As we get closer to the draft, the […]