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Rehashing My 2013 Vancouver Canadian Predictions

I am a bit late, being seven days into the new year, for any resolutions. I do have a few knocking around in the back of my head though. One is to be a better writer than I was last year. After spending the past four days in Malmo cheering (not very much mind) on Canada in the World Juniors, it’s time to get baseball back on the front burner. And to ease my Carlsberg sozzled brain back into the task of writing, I thought, before I come up with my 2014 Canadians predictions, I’d re-visit how I did last year.

For a complete rundown, check out the original post. Some quick thoughts though, below:

1. My first prediction was obviously the easiest as I was a week after the official announcement. Clayton McCullough did return as the C’s manager and well, we know how he did. It was right around this time that the staff was presented last year, so we could find out very soon whether Clayton, and newborn child, will be back for a third straight season.

2. I was mainly right on my CanCon predictions. I nailed Justin Atkinson filling the hole at third base, and Tom Robson not only saw time in Vancouver, but smashed it. I didn’t get Eric Brown‘s first start correct as it was for the C’s and Brandon Kaye was out of baseball in 2013.

3. This one should have been the easiest. I was long Nat Bailey rain-outs at only one and there were NONE! That’s a tough bet to lose.

4. I inquired with C’s play by play man and media relations guru Rob Fai as to whether he had tried some of Vertigo’s brews (under two miles from Hillsboro Hops stadium) but apparently the rigours of radio, writing game reports, and other duties means he has no time for beer! Shocking really.

5. As I said at the time, my 5th ‘prediction is more wishful thinking than anything’, and sure enough, what actually happened was completely opposite to what I was hoping for. Anthony Alford only had thirty 2013 pro at bats, none above the Gulf Coast League, he didn’t give up football, in fact he’s now happily red-shirting at Ole Miss, having switched positions from quarterback to safety. I’ve written two prospect pieces about him so far this off-season and both say he needs at bats or his baseball prospect status is dead.

6. Speaking of prospects, and not to toot my own horn, but I kinda nailed this one as well. For the second year in a row, the C’s were light (read: none) on prospects to begin the season. The prospects did come though, albeit not to the level we saw in 2012 when Roberto Osuna and Marcus Stroman managed the mound at the Nat. Still, we were treated to some top level performances from Tom Robson, Shane Dawson, and Mitch Nay. Both Chase DeJong and Jairo Labourt wore C’s red and black, unfortunately not long enough for the good fans of Vancouver to see them. Predicting the prospects of 2014 will be fun.

7. Ahhh, the beers. I don’t believe I did complain about the prices, because as an accredited member of the media, of course, I did not partake in Nat Bailey beers (ahem).

8. This one is a bit tougher. Roberto Osuna got off to a great start with Lansing, giving up only ten runs over five April starts. Four of those were in his final start of the month though, which was his last one after he was shut down with elbow problems. That elbow was eventually operated on, giving him a minimum of twelve months rehabilitation. He’s still a top prospect in the system, but one that has lost a bit of shine.

9. I was both right and wrong with this one. The Jays, after assigning Balbino Fuenmayor to Lansing to start the season, had seen enough and released him instead of assigning him to Vancouver for a third time. In my piece on the release I did wish him luck on betting picked up and he was. Signing an independent league deal with the Frontier Greys of the Frontier League.

10. As the titanic Meathead once sang, two out of three ain’t bad. I couldn’t get #threepeatin13 trending, but the C’s did win the minor league organization of the year, and proved their dominance over the rest of the Northwest League by winning their third title in a row.

All in all, I think I did pretty well. For 2014, the only prediction that matters (and I will come up with more) is whether I get that last one right again.

The celebration (image courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

The celebration (image courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

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