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Just a quick one. Will be trying to expand somewhat and add a bit of colour to the excellent Prospect Hot Sheet done by the folks at Jays Journal. As can see from the opening, doesn’t seem to be a ton of love towards the C’s:

‘ Thankfully, short season leagues get underway this week, and with 15 noteworthy players on the Bluefield roster and another dozen or so in the Gulf Coast League, the talent pool in the system just exploded’

Crap, the wife needs the computer.  Basically, I have tweeted Kyle asking him what he thought about the Canadians and if there is any prospects to keep an eye on….now that is, as of those 27ish ‘noteworthy’ players in the lower two rungs of short season ball,  am sure we’ll be seeing a few of them before long.

more to follow…..

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