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Not a great day for the Organization.

According to my count, pretty much every team in the Jays organization lost today save the Fisher Cats.  And I’m going to be frank here, New Hampshire is probably the team I look at the least as they don’t strike me as all that prospect rich.  Jimenez is injured, I don’t think McDade will make an impact at a major league level, and the pitchers they hoped would take the next step, haven’t.  That being said, yesterday, John Stilson bounced back from his blow up in his previous start ot throw 5 innings of 3 hit ball. Am curious to see what he can do over the next couple of weeks.  As the Jays really need to look within to cover the starts being lost to injury.

Speaking of the Jays, their one remaining healthy starter just ain’t pitching all that well.  I’ll defer to the good folks at Drunk Jays Fans to break down his various metrics.  Reading the numbers only serves to confirm what you see when watching him pitch this season.  He’s not throwing a ton of strikes and not making hitters swing and miss.  Not an ideal combination in the AL East.  Let’s be perfectly clear, Ricky Ro is not, nor has ever been, an ace.  Unfortunately, at the moment, he’s pitching like the fellas from Vegas.

Of the other teams.  Lansing got a good start from ex-C  David Rollins, as he threw 5 innings of 1 run ball.  Looking at his age and stats though, I’m not sure how much further he move up the ladder.  His WHIP is in the 1.50 range and K to BB ratio is an uninspiring 1.85.  Still, there will be some more movement within the system now that the Lansing starters are getting their own day, so see what happens with David.

In Blufield, Roberto Osuna threw 3 innings with 3 Ks and 0 ERs.  It’s a ridiculously small sample size, but threw his 6 innings pitched, Roberto has given up 2 hits and K’d 7.  And he’s only fucking 17!!  Let’s hope he makes a pit stop in Vancouver on his way up the ladder.

As for the hometown C’s, they were swept in Everett tonight.  Tough to pinpoint what went wrong, but looking at the boxscores the Big Bopper Balbino keeps popping up.  He’s hitting, there’s not doubt, but I still worry about the high number of strikeouts and low number of walks.   Again, still a very small sample size, but will be interested to see him again, in person, this weekend.

I hope to get a bit of scouting done on Eugene before the game tomorrow night.  So will save that post for the morning.  To finish this one, check out this article in the Toronto Sun.  Unbelievable that the Big Bopper has played 6 pro seasons already.

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