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Well, I wrote the Replacements thinking that may be the end of the new players the C’s would see as they make a push towards the 2nd half title.  Ummm, I was wrong.  I missed the news, and am a bit late talking about it, as was in the middle of a marathon drive to Arizona, but the Canadians have been bolstered even further.

The big news, of course, is the confirmation, and answer to the very first post here at yourvancs.  Where is Daniel Norris?  Well, the answer is Vancouver.  And about time.  Dan had some pretty average counting numbers in Bluefield.  But if you look a bit closer, the peripherals aren’t all that bad.  He struck out near 10 batters a game which is quite good.  He walked a few too many at 3.34 a game and was prone to the long ball, but his BABIP of .367 is testament to either some very bad luck or poor defense.  Either way, with Bluefield no where near the playoffs, this is a good move.  Let’s see if Norris can help Vancouver in their playoff push, whilst testing himself at a higher level.  I’m willing to bet he starts in Lansing next year so this will more than likely be the one and only chance Vancouver fans to see him.  And from what I can gather, the final home games are sold out.  So, unless you already have tickets, you’d better hope Vancouver make the playoffs.

I have no idea when Daniel is set to start, but after a run of good performances by the starters, there’s been 3 eggs laid in the last 3 games.  Nicholas Purdy, Ben White, and Kyle Anderson have all been shelled.  Both Anderson and Purdy are spot starters.  Not the horses you want running down the stretch….

(editor’s note: this post has been 3 days in the making, and on the 3rd day, Daniel Norris started.  So, let’s change tact somewhat)

He’s finally here

Norris made his first of what will probably be 2 starts and, well, it didn’t got so well.  To put it mildly, he got shelled.  I’m not going to blind anyone with stats, so let’s just discuss the circumstances surrounding tonight and tomorrow.  Alex Anthopolous (AA) is in town, and he wants to see his prospects.  So with 7 games to go in the season, and a 2nd half title to be one, the C’s, for the first time all season, employed the piggy-backing method.  Tonight, picking up the pieces left by Norris was Taylor Cole.  He actually threw very well, only giving up a hit and a walk over 5 and a third. Obviously this must have been an odd situation for him,  having started all year.  Tomorrow, so we’re told, Rob ‘The Boss’ Osuna starts with Javier Avendano coming in relief.  This sorta goes back to one of my first posts, when I discussed what we as Van C’s/Blue Jays fans would prefer to see, prospects or results.  I can guarantee you that the president of the C’s Andy Dunn wants to see a playoff game or two.  But when the GM is in town, he gets to see the arms in the system.  So, if only in for 2 days, then all 4 have to throw.  I have no idea how this is going to affect the rotation going forward.  There is an off day on Monday, so possibly the series in Yakima will see everyone go back to normal.  I’ll let it play out before commenting.

Lost in that pitching discussion, is the fact two more players were called up with Dan.  Christian Lopes and Santiago Nessy.  As per the prospect breakdowns I linked, both these guys are known mainly as bat first players.  I, again, won’t comment on how their first few games have gone with Vancouver as it’s be subjected to small sample size syndrome.

Needless to say, however, with Bluefield no where near the playoffs, some of the multitude of prospects that team contained are starting to fly north in hopes of bolstering, what was, a flagging C’s offense as they shoot for the 2nd half flag.  It is a bit ironic, that with all these players arriving, the pitching schedule should change, but as I said, what the GM wants, the GM gets.  Let’s just hope tomorrow’s starter is a bit better and a win is on the cards.  I reckon it take 4 wins to get it done for the C’s.  And with the arms they now have, and the bats that are coming along, another Northwest League crown could be in the very near future.

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