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Marcus Stroman in Vancouver!

Now this is a piece of good news!  The Jays 2nd pick in this year’s draft and 22nd pick overall has signed and has been sighted in Dunedin where he’ll stay a couple of days before joining the C’s in Vancouver.  Of course, we only have his word to go by, but hopefully his word is his bond.

We may want to take this news with a pinch of salt as per this article where Andrew Tinnish (the Jays head of amateur scouting)  is non-committal on Stroman’s immediate assignment.

Either way, the signing is great news for the Jays and was the last piece of what has to be viewed as an excellent draft.  Although I am slightly surprised Stroman signed right at slot, considering he had very little leverage, to get the last of their high ceiling picks into the system is a coup.  Hopefully, next year, AA is once again ahead of the curve while all the other GMs try to emulate what he did this year.

The big question with Stroman is will he start or relieve?  It has always been the Jays organizational philosophy to let pitchers start until they prove they can’t.  This situation may be somewhat different in that Stroman’s stuff is so electric out of the pen he may be fast-tracked up the minor league ladder, ending up in Toronto at the end of August/early September.  I’m not sure this is necessary considering the amount of injuries in Toronto.  If they were in a pennant race, I could see the reward outweighing the risk, but as they are going to struggle here on out, why not take it easy with kid and see if he can start?

Whatever they do decide to do though, let’s just hope the process begins in Vancouver.

Welcome to Vancouver!




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