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I’m trying not to get too down…

I had hoped to write a happy go lucky piece yesterday, waxing poetic about how Opening Day is the greatest day of the year.  Full of optimism, hope, and hopefully a bit of sunshine.  I was going to draw comparisons between the Van C’s opening their season and the parent Blue Jays.  With them falling a game under .500 after 63 games, it was time to start again.  This time with far more sober, realistic expectations.  Not ones coloured by a monster spring training, not only as a team, but on an individual basis.  As we have learned through 60 odd games, the problems that those with Blue Jay tinted glasses glossed over.  The inexperience and lack of depth of the starting rotation, the black hole in left field, and the general shittiness of Adam Lind have all come to the forefront.  Add in the poor starts from Joey Bats, Rasmus, and the general mediocrity of Brett Lawrie and we have what we have.  A .500 team.  One that I truly feel is far better than last years .500 team mind, but nonetheless, one that won’t compete for a playoff spot.

So, with just under a 100 games in the Jays season I was going to write about what fans have to look forward to throughout the organisation.  And then I got home from my own game (where we got thoroughly smashed, not helping my mood really) and fired up my pvr to watch the opening game of the Phillies series……and…..9 pitches into Hutchison outing he points to his elbow and calls for the trainer.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!

Today we get the titanically diabolical news that not only is Hutch joining his rotation mates Morrow and Drabek on the dl with a strained UCL but for the cherry on top, a second MRI on Drabek’s elbow revealed a tear.  Awesome.  Hey, how about a 2nd Tommy John surgery before you turn 25??  Now, I’m not going to get into why having Drabek out of the rotation is not the worst thing in the world, considering how he was pitching, as no matter how bad he was, surely it won’t be as bad as having to sit through a Brett Cecil shit-balling tomorrow.

ummm, we got anyone else back there?

But, I digress, this is a Vancouver Canadians blog (let’s be honest though, there will be a lot of Jays talk), so let’s celebrate an opening day win.  The C’s slammed Spokane last night 8-1 with good pitching performances across the board.  Only 3 hits allowed, to go along with 3 walks.  Eric Brown, the ex-UBCer, got the start and pitched 4 innings of 1 hit ball.  4 innings seems like a lot to start, but Brown has thrown 15 odd innings in a relief role in Lansing so may not be under the same tight innings restrictions some may be subjected to.  In fact, looking at his peripherals from Lansing, it seems he was doing a pretty good job in the Midwest league.  Can only speculate, but possibly he was sent back to Vancouver to get some starts.  And let’s be honest, there’s no room in Lansing for any more starters, especially since AA said last week the piggy-backing that the Lansing starters (the younger ones at least) have been doing so far is about to end.  Will be very interesting to see what happens when Syndergaard, Nicolino, and Sanchez all start getting their own games.

Game 2 in Spokane goes tonight with another returning starter Taylor Cole going.  And judging by the pic below.  It’s safe to assume the weather in Spokane is better than Vancouver….a LOT better:

why is the sky that colour?


 Is some other prospecting news there’s been a Dan Norris spotting!!  ‘Daniel Norris had a 3.19 ERA with 12 walks and 26 whiffs in 28 2/3 innings’  Not bad, not great.  I have absolutely no clue what to read into EST numbers so for now, let’s just say meh…but hold the phone…before ending this, I thought I should at least have a look at Roberto Osuna as had no idea who he was, but 30 k’s in 26 innings is nothing to sneeze at no matter where you’re pitching.  The kid is only 17 and think I did see a story on him.  He was pitching in the Mexican top league at 16.  May be worth keeping an eye on…..

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