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I Finally get my Baseball Fix

The Canadians return from their longest trip of the season, an eight day marathon (one of two on the season) today for a six game homestand, before, once again, leaving us baseball addicts in the lurch. Those who are of age probably won’t mind the next trip though, as it’s to the Northwest League’s newest team the Hillsborough Hops. I believe I made a prediction back in January that Rob Fai would sample the wares on offer at the Vertigo Brewing Company which is a mere 1.2 miles, according to Google, from the Hops new stadium. I’ll need to ask him what he has planned.

The final four games of the most recent trip saw some absolutely lights out pitching from the C’s starters. I’ve compiled a little table below illustrating what they did:

Name IPs ER Hits K’s
Eric Brown 7 0 2 8
Kyle Anderson 6 0 2 3
Jeremy Gabryszwski 6 1 4 3
Bobby Brosnahan 5 0 3 7


It’s absolutely unbelievable that the C’s went 2 and 2 during those four starts. Just goes to show that great pitching doesn’t always win you games. The hitting has been spotty, to say the least, as of late.

Colton Turner warms up pre-game (image courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

Colton Turner warms up pre-game (image courtesy of Charlie Caskey)

Still, an above .500 road trip at 5-3 has to be considered a win. The C’s currently sit second in the North division at 8-6. Unfortunately Everett have absolutely flown out of the traps, so Vancouver sit four games back.

Bit of news prior to tonight’s game:

Will deal with Valeriote first. With no hits in only ten at bats so far this season, Shaun may very well not be injured but on the DL simply to free up some space for some of the new arrivals. I still think it a bit odd that the C’s broke extended spring with three first basemen on the roster.

Along with the two names mentioned above, both L.B. Dantzler and Scott Silverstein have been promoted to the C’s. Dantzler made his debut in Spokane appearing in two games while apparently Silverstein is on a plane right now. All four are 2013 draftees with Dantzler a 14th rounder, Christian Vasquez going in the 19th, Silverstein the 25th, and Matt Dermody the 28th.

Instead of trying to do a brief scouting report now, I’m going to attempt a full post with rundowns on all the recent call-ups plus a few names that may be seeing time in Vancouver soon.

Enjoy the game all.

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