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Happy Canada Day Part 1

As I watch the Jays offence use the Angels starter Richards as their personal scratching post I do have to marvel at how resilient Toronto has been this season.  With the addition of a second wildcard, expectations from the fan base got a bit heady, but realistically, for them to contend for any sort of playoff action, a lot of things had to break right for them this season.  If anything, not only have those intangibles not gone the way the front office and fans may have hoped, but really, have gone the other way.  Adam Lind has been worse than advertised.  Eric Thames, after winning the starting left field job, struggled.  Brett Lawrie has scuffled a bit. And the pitchers, well, what’s there to say?  Brett Cecil was rightfully demoted. His replacement, Kyle Drabek couldn’t throw strikes, then went under the knife and will be lost for 18 months.  Henderson Alvarez can’t get the ball down and is getting hammered in June.  Ricky Romero can’t seem to find the strike zone, but when he does, has no problem finding the hitter’s bats.  The lone bright spots, Drew Hutchison and Brandon Morrow are both on the DL.  Add in fact the closer they went out and got in the offseason has missed much of the season and it has been trying times for the Jays staff.

And, lest we forget! This guy has been missing all season as well!

What a beard.

With all these variables in mind, it will be a huge shock and quite the accomplishment if the Jays finish at or above .500 this year.  That being said, I think they can do it.  It will be predicated on their offence being able to carry the load, which is a huge ask, but the way they’ve crushed the ball in June, let’s just hope they can keep it going.

The C’s have bounced back nicely from their sweep in Eugene to take the first 2 from Everett at the Nat.  Both games were highlighted by strong pitching performances.  Coming off his Northwest League pitcher of the week honours, Javier Avendano threw 6 shut-out innings yesterday.  The rule 5 pick up from St. Louis allowed 3 hits, striking out 3, but also walking 4, something to keep an eye on.

Derrick Chung has been hot at the plate as late.  Small sample size but his OPS is around the .970 mark which is not bad for a second basemen.  Chung was drafted in the 31st round in 2012 out of Sacramento State where he both caught and played in the infield.  He’s 24 in his first season of pro-ball so will really need to make quick strides up the ladder.  If he stalls, will quickly be designated as organizational filler.

In transactional news, Dalton Pompey was placed on the 7 day DL retroactive to the 26th of June with an undisclosed (re: I can’t find out why) injury.  That makes 2 of the 3 prospects I tagged at the beginning of the season now on the DL as Roan Salas has yet to play a game this season.  Kyle Anderson was called up from the GCL Jays on Thursday.  Kyle is a left handed pitcher out of Cal Poly.  I can’t find him on the 2012 draft lists so am assuming he was signed as a free agent.  He made his C’s debut last night, giving up the only 2 runs on 0 hits and 3 walks.  Hopefully just a case of the yips.

What’s the matter Dalton?



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