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First trip to the Nat.

I made my first foray to the Nat today, taking in one of the famous Nooners (at 1:05) at the Nat.  Of course, the allure of these nooners is the idea of sitting in the sun, drinking beer, watching baseball.  The first part of that equation is very hit and miss in Vancouver.  Today was very much a miss.

The Good:

1) the price: got a voucher from Safeway for $8.99…..seriously, there is no better deal in the city of Vancouver

2) Dill Pickle Spitz. Although I’m suffering a bit now.  Feels like I have a hole in my cheek.

3) Game itself:  quite the pitcher’s duel.

The Bad:

1) The Weather: God it was fugly. Heavens opened in the 5th.  The umpires tried to trooper through, but gave up in the 7th.

2) Speaking of the Umpires: They were pretty bad as well.  At least 3 brutal calls. Am thinking they won’t go much further either.

3) Beer size: It looked like they were being sold in shot glasses. Imagine they were going for about 7 bucks a pop as well.

The Pitching:

Ben White, a non-drafted free agent out of Temple University, gave up 2 hits and 0 runs over 6 innings.  I had him sitting about 87-89 with his fastball.  Both his slider and change-up were in the 82-84 range, and he threw the occasional slow curve in the low 70s.  He was spotting his pitches well and pounding the zone.  Still, with his velocity and limited separation between his secondary pitches, I can’t see him moving much further in the system. This is his repeat year with the C’s, so really is now or never.

Ben White

Ian Kadish only threw an inning before the heavens opened up.  Not enough info to go on.

The Hitting:

Really only one person to talk about.  Dalton Pompey (16th Rnd 2010) had a double, triple, walk, and (for good measure) a sac bunt. He really should have had 2 triples but Derrick Chung either got a bad read or is flat out slow as only went first to third on a shot to the corner.  I’m a bit new to this scouting game, but I’d rate his speed as a plus, and his swing, although a bit long at times was extremely quick through the hitting zone.  He didn’t have a lot to do in center, but watching him throw, he showed a loose easy motion.

Both Nick Baligod and Derrick Chung showed good plate discipline, but Baligod is a right fielder with no pop. That doesn’t project well.

As per my prospects v results post Pompey is worth watching. Kellen Sweeney was the other name to keep an eye on, but so far he is really struggling.  He was late on everything today.  His 3rd at bat, with runners on 2nd and 3rd and the infield in, he popped out to the shortstop in foul territory.  A situation screaming for a left handed bat to pull the ball saw him get crowded by an 89mph fastball.

I know this post is meandering towards a Dalton Pompey love-fest but during the rain delay I managed to strike up a conversation with the area scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  In town for the 5 game set with the Dust Devils, he’d already decided he only needed to watch Pompey for the remaining 2 games of the series.


White did throw well, so nothing really hit hard.  There were a couple of diving catches but Newman’s in left was a Zaun tv dive and Baligod took a terrible route to his.  Flores showed good arm strength at short but his hands got him into a bit of trouble.

My notes say there is a ton more to discuss but we’re starting to meander here so will wrap it up.  I can’t even remember who won the sushi race…..

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