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Dalton Pompey a BBJ?

Right, now I am, and I don’t hesitate to admit this, thoroughly confused.  So, after breaking his hamate bone in his wrist, all the reports I read assumed Dalton Pompey was done for the season.  However, whilst surfing through the Jays minor league affiliates on Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see Pompey playing for Bluefield.  Granted, I was perplexed that he was in Bluefield rather than Vancouver, but the boxscore showed him being lifted for a pinch hitter after 2 ABs.  I assumed this meant he was on his way to Yakima, joining Vancouver after the off day on Monday.  Wow, after working all day yesterday with no access to the internet, today provided an absolute shocker.

Not only is Pompey still in Bluefield, but after what, can only be described as an Appalachian League cameo, the Jays 1st overall pick this year, DJ Davis is now in Vancouver!! (well, Yakima)  After putting up decent numbers for the GCL Jays, including better than expected power numbers, Davis was rewarded with a late season promo to Bluefield.  In 12 games for Bluefield (a ridiculously small sample size, I know) DJ OPSd .926 with a wOBA of .427.  What’s most impressive about his Bluefield numbers, again, slightly unexpected, is his Isolated Slugging (ISO) which sits at .170.  I can’t stress enough, however, 12 games is a tiny sample size.  His numbers are also a product of a very high BABIP of .417.  I’m not trying to pour cold water on his promotion to Vancouver.  This is fantastic news.  Means the top two picks from the 2012 draft have seen time (albeit rather short stints) in Vancouver.  After the opening day roster was short on the prospect side, recent activity has seen plenty of genuine potential Jays don the Black, red, and white.

What this means for Pompey though, is unclear.  Has Davis now passed him on the depth chart?  Despite being a year and a half younger.  This makes the off-season very interesting indeed.  Pompey, prior to his injury, had played very well.  Previously, I predicted he would break C’s fans hearts and start next season in Lansing.  Now, however, I’m not so sure.  There is no genuine CF prospect in the system until you get to AA and Jake Marisnick.  That being said, I don’t foresee either of Pompey or Davis jumping all the way to Dunedin so it stands to reason one of them will begin the season back in Vancouver.  Good news.

Come back Dalton

One guy I’d rather not see back in Vancouver next year is Ben White.  I know I’ve been rather harsh on Ben before, and let me stress, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but last nights performance was abysmal.  With 5 games to go, a half game lead for 2nd half title, and a lot of new faces on the hitting side of things, it’s going to be the pitchers that need to carry the can the rest of the way.  Ben dropped the ball at the first hurdle, going 1.1 innings giving up 7 earned on 7 hits and a couple of walks.  Not only did Ben not give the C’s a chance to win, but the bullpen was taxed a bit more than I’m sure they wanted.

This will be Ben’s last start this season, and quite possibly last in the Jays system.  That being said, with 7 minor league teams, you need guys to fill out your organization, so there’s still a chance we see Ben back at the Nat next season.

The piggy backing of the C’s big 4 starters (well, Daniel Norris was only just called up, but we’ll include him anyway) over the weekend has definitely thrown a wrench in the rotation for the 5 gamer with Yakima.  I’m guessing we’ll see Kyle Anderson tonight before, hopefully, the weekend’s pitchers can turn over with either Cole or Norris going Thursday.

Even with Eugene’s win last night pushing the C’s a half game back, they are still in a good position.  Holding both the extra game and the tiebreaker over the Emeralds.  That being said, the offense is going to need to step it up a bit.  I know Ben didn’t give them much of a chance last night, but the O still only managed 3 hits, 2 of them from Matt Newman who has been on a tear.  It’s time for some of the other boys to come to the party.

(editor’s note: tonight provide a bit of colour to my question above of where Pompey and Davis are on the depth chart now.  Pompey started in Center Field for the Lansing Lugnuts tonight!  Wow, I can’t keep up with all the moves happening within the system at the moment.  Congrats to DP, let’s hope he proves himself in the Midwest League.  At least enough to be assigned there or Dunedin next season.  Which would make my statement above, about neither of them playing for Dunedin next year…..absolute rubbish)


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