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I’ve updated both the hitting and pitching stats today.  On the hitting side I included Dwight Smith Jr’s Bluefield stats as…….

I originally pushed for Dwight’s promotion here.  Now, the more acerbic of my readers (again, may just only be me) may claim that I was just throwing a bunch of names out there and hoping one would stick.  And in a way that is true.  But, now that DS Jr has arrived, I’ve effectively picked 4 promos this season.  Smith made his debut last night, striking out as a pinch hitter in the 9th (editors note: this was written then abandoned, DSJR made his full debut tonight going 2 for 5 with double).  Looking at his stats from Bluefield, it hasn’t been a great year thus far for Dwight, but to be honest, looking through all the Bluefield’s hitters stats, none are really having what they’d call a banner season.  Art Charles was having a great year, but, after a decent start to his C’s career, has fallen off a bit (well, quite a bit actually).  Looking at his numbers, it’s not hard to see why he’s struggling.  His BB/K ratio has gone from a healthy 1:1 to an unhealthy 1:5.  This isn’t the only reason, as his power numbers have dipped substantially as well, but in Bluefield, Art was an on base machine.  In Vancouver, for whatever reason, he isn’t.  He’s 21 so not really young for this league.  It’ll be interesting to see how Art deals with these struggles and if he can get hot over the final 2 weeks of the season.

The fact that Dwight Smith Jr didn’t have great numbers before coming up doesn’t bode well, but baseball is a funny game. He’s a bit younger than Art so may also take some time to adapt.  This promotion dovetails with Nick Baligod’s recent move to Lansing.  I have to admit, I’m a bit stunned by Nick’s promotion but as I just mentioned.  Baseball is a funny game.  The Jays have 7 minor league teams and they all need players.  Hence the term.  Organizational filler.

As per my recent post on the pitchers, I was a bit perplexed as to why Javier Avendano hadn’t been promoted based on his recent hot streak.  Although being 21 is about the right age for the NorthWest league, he’d be considered a bit old in Lansing so really needs to make a move if the Jays org see any future for him.  Doing a bit more digging though, it does look like ‘The Big 3’ of Nicolino, Syndergaard, and Sanchez are going to remain in Lansing for the rest of the season.  That makes sense on 3 levels: 1) their season has only 3 weeks or so to run 2) they have all struggled a bit of late 3) Lansing have already booked their playoff place so am assuming it will be easier to manage their innings through a Midwest League playoff run.  So, with those 3 locking up their places for the rest of the season, that only leaves 2 spots (maybe 3 based on innings limits, etc) remaining on the Lansing roster.  I’ve sorted the Lansing starters by games started below.  Of those 8 names we can remove Rollins (traded to Houston) and Walden (seems to have settled after being promoted to Dunedin).  Of the rest. Anthony DeSclafani has been consistently good all season.  He has a good K:BB ratio, even though he only strikes out 6.19 per nine, and his other advanced metrics are nice, despite an abnormally high BABIP of .349.  Think we can safely assume, he’ll get a playoff start.  It’s the other two names that I find perplexing.  I’ve spoken about Jesse Hernandez before.  He really seemed to be coming in to his own at Dunedin with 2 excellent starts prior to being demoted.  Jesse is 23, so I’m a bit confused whey he’d be sent back to Lansing after throwing well at the level above.  I read that Sean Nolin made his first start for Dunedin after coming off the DL, so maybe Jesse’s promo was simply a case of injury cover.  Maybe they don’t see Jesse as a prospect and are happy to have him fill out the Lansing staff through the playoffs.  Whatever the reason, he must be down for the season now.  Blake McFarland is included only because his 5 starts have all come within the last month.  I have to assume these were to cover an injury, Hernandez’ in Dunedin, etc.  His last appearance was on the 4th of August, which I’m guessing will be his last in the starting rotation.

So there you have it, the Big 3 + DeSclafani and Hernandez will round out Lansing’s playoff starting rotation.  I’d still like to find out the reasoning behind domoting Hernandez rather than promoting Avendano and if I do, will add an addendum to this post.

Player W L ERA G GS
David Rollins 6 1 2.78 18 18
Justin Nicolino 7 4 2.63 23 17
Anthony DeSclafani 9 3 2.78 23 16
Noah Syndergaard 7 4 2.89 23 16
Jesse Hernandez 4 5 2.41 15 14
Aaron Sanchez 8 2 2.36 21 14
Marcus Walden 5 2 3.11 14 14
Blake McFarland 5 3 4.42 29 5


I forgot to mention that McFarland is an ex-C

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