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Canadians Starting Staff

After Javier Avendano’s excellent start against Salem-Keiser last night, thought it might be worthwhile to have a quick look at the C’s starting staff and how it might play out over the next few weeks.  As mentioned previously, the Jays organization have stated on numerous occasions that they prefer their affiliates (and thus their minor league playing staff) to play in the playoffs.  The idea being the winning atmosphere will rub off on the players involved, creating better leaders, and men, as they progress up the ladder.

With this in mind, I’m going to assume there won’t be a ton of transactions until nearer the end of the first half of the season.  The C’s are currently a game and a half back of Everett in the West (making this weekend’s series at the Nat quite interesting actually).  If Vancouver is in with a shout of the first half title, the Jays may hold off promoting any pitchers until after the 23rd of July.  Of course, as is often the case, I could be talking out of my arse and completely off base.

Further to that, since I’ve started this post, I’ve read quite a few conspiracy theories regarding the recent promotions of both Sam Dyson and Jake Marisnick and how AA is pumping the tires of certain assets in order to maximise their trade value.  I’d be surprised if Marisnick was involved in any sort of deal, but then again, I’m still surprised Colby Rasmus is our centerfielder.

Back to the C’s staff.  Given the average age of the group, there have been no piggy backing issues such as earlier in Lansing’s season, and what is happening now with some of the younger prospects at Bluefield.  Both Avendano and tonight’s starter, Eric Brown, started the season relieving in Lansing rather than extended spring training.  They both came back to Vancouver to repeat the level as starters once the season began.  I would hazard a guess that if they don’t move on at some point this season, they won’t be long for the Jays organization.

I still have to believe that the Jays will test the Lansing big 3 at a higher level before long, so there will be spots above.  Of course, some of the studs at Bluefield could bypass a level and go straight to Lansing, but let’s write this post in a bubble where players only go up a rung at a time.  So, without further ado, the C’s starting staff:

Javier Avendano – I’d be very surprised if, given another couple of solid starts, Avendano doesn’t make the jump at some point soon.  His counting stats are excellent, with an era of 0.45 and a WHIP of 1.10.  His peripherals are also outstanding, striking out 11.25/9 and sporting a 2.78 FIP.  His K/BB ratio is on the low side but that was the result of one bad outing where he walked 4.  Remove that start and it’s all good.

Eric Brown – similar to Javier, Eric’s numbers are a bit skewed from one terrible outing where he allowed 10 earned runs over an inning and a third.  However, unlike Avendano, you take that one start away, and his numbers are still not all that great.  Although his FIP is lower than his ERA, he doesn’t strike out a ton, walks too many, and gives up too many long-balls.  I’d guess Eric will finish the season in Vancouver and probably find himself out of a job at end of the year.

Taylor Cole – I’ve written about Taylor before. Despite this being his repeat year, with the 2 years he took out of baseball, I think he’d be given a bit of leeway no matter his season.  That being said, his numbers this year have been good.  All his peripherals are above average, and this is despite an abnormally high BABIP against.  I think Taylor has a chance to progress this season, however, I will temper that by saying I’d like to see him live.  I’m curious to see where his velocity is sitting at the moment.  If he’s  in the high 80’s, it may not happen for him.

Colton Turner – A 2012 draftee, Colton has been a bit unlucky with the BABIP stat as well.  He’s also walked too many, which may hold him back in Vancouver for another season.

Ben White – At 23, Ben must surely be in his make or break season with both the C’s and Jays org.  His numbers so far don’t bode all that well for his future.  His K/BB ratio is under 1 and his FIP is over 5.  Unfortunately those are markers for organizational filler.

So there we go, of the 5 starters looked at, I’m predicting two promotions (one with a caveat), one repeat, and 2 releases.  Only time will tell if I have any sort of clue or am simply full of shit.

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