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An Open Letter to Alex Anthopoulos

Despite being the pre-eminent (read: only) Vancouver Canadians blogger out there, I did not receive an invitation to Friday’s hot stove luncheon at the Vancouver Hotel.  Being a glass half full kinda guy I’m going to give the C’s brass a pass and blame it on Canada Post.  Gives them an easy out in what could have been a very embarrassing gaffe.

If I was there however, AA would have had to have been on his game with all the questions I would have been firing at him.

Surprisingly I can’t find much information on what was actually asked of him during the lunch.  All I have is this article from the Vancouver Sun which insinuates that Henry Blanco is the straw that will stir the drink in 2013.  Now, I’m not a massive fan of J.P. Arencibia and his career .275 on base percentage, but if he goes down and the Jays are faced with the reality of Blanco and Josh Thole, then they are in serious trouble.

I also listened to AA and Paul Beeston’s interview on Team1040 but that was more a general talk about the state of baseball in Canada, specifically British Columbia, the World Baseball Classic, etc.  Nothing specific was asked in regards to the Canadians lineup.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (image courtesy of the vancouversun.com)

Lovers in a Dangerous Time (image courtesy of the vancouversun.com)

Right, the questions.  I’d like to say I have ten, but I don’t want to commit to a number in case I falter (or more than likely, watching cartoons with my daughter scrambles my brains):

1) Seriously, is there no other plan B if Arencibia goes down?  Please don’t tell me Blanco and Thole would be suitable fill ins.

2) You mentioned that one of the reasons you love being affiliated with Vancouver is the chance it provides to younger players to live in Canada.  Getting used to the money, culture, etc.  With the Jays having three rookie ball levels, is there anything specific that the Northwest League provides in the development of its players?

3) Can you confirm that 2012 third round pick and dual sport player Anthony Alford has committed to Ole Miss for next season?  If so, what is the plan for him during the seven weeks you have him this spring?  Any chance he sees time in Vancouver?

4) With the Jays having no extra first or compensation round picks will the strategy change in 2013?  Looking for more value in rounds four through six before possibly going the college senior route again?

5) There were some interesting promotions/demotions this past season, if statistical analysis plays a small role, what are the main factors the organization uses when moving players up and down the ladder?

6) Any chance we see 2012 draft picks and season long DL residents Mitch Nay and Matthew Smoral in Vancouver at some point this season?  Where do you see them starting 2013?

7) (this question wouldn’t be answered, but, since is my blog, can always ask) After all the trades involving prospects this off-season, is there one name in the system that you would call untouchable?

8) You have always said that pitchers in their teens should be limited innings-wise, staying in Lansing for a season, as most haven’t fully grown.  As Roberto Osuna is already a man child and seems to have an easy delivery, any chance, if successful to start ’13, he sees time in Dunedin, New Hampshire?

9) And finally, with Josh Hamilton missing time this past season due to caffeine induced blindness, will the Jays look to curb excessive use of stimulant drinks?  I’m looking at you Red Bull crushing Brett Lawrie.

One short of ten questions, not bad.  As I mentioned above, I don’t really have any information about what was said or how the luncheon worked.  This is just what I would like to ask AA if in the same room with him, and, of course, he gave me the chance to ask nine questions.  Others may have no interest in the above subjects whatsoever.  If so, what would you like to ask?  And please don’t tell me it would be what is his favourite tv show.  That was asked on the live chat he did over at the Toronto Star.  Not really relevant.

Really? I guess people want to know (image courtesy of JaysJournal.com)

Really? I guess people want to know (image courtesy of JaysJournal.com)


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