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Alex Anthopoulos and the First Round: 2011

With the MLB amateur draft a mere 20 odd days away, we continue our series breaking down Alex Anthopoulos’ first round missteps.  Last week saw AA’s first draft with the Jays go in the loss column when he took career New Hampshire Fisher Cat, Deck McGuire, with the 11th overall pick.  This week, I’m not even going to bother with suspense.  The 2011 first round was a massive swing and miss from Toronto’s perspective.  The Jays went for a big, projectable right-handed prep arm in Tyler Beede, despite a strong commitment to Vanderbilt.  Well, guess what, he went to Vanderbilt.

The 2014 draft is interesting in that it marks the young Beede’s junior season and therefore he is eligible to enter the draft again.  I may start including a different mock draft each week, not only, to see if we can get a feel to where the Jays might be leaning with their two first round picks, but also as sort of a ‘Beede watch’.

(As per the link, ESPN’s Keith Law has the Jays taking Touki Toussaint at nine and Jeff Hoffman with the 11th pick.  Both are right-handed arms who I know very little about.  I did read another article (too lazy to find) suggesting the Jays may take a flyer on Hoffman who underwent Tommy John surgery recently and may be a cheaper sign.)

I’m pretty sure I did a post last year collating all the mock drafts I had read to see if we could predict the Jays thinking.  None had them taking Philip Bickford.  So let’s take them with a grain of salt.  Either way, Law’s list is a great segueway back to Beede.  After a ton of speculation having the Massachusetts native in the top 10 (and therefore possibly back to Toronto) Law has him going 24th to the Pirates.  He then expands on that (somewhat) at his regular Klawchat saying about Beede ‘Teams are backing away like mad.’

This is due to purported ‘makeup’ issues.  Whatever that means.  It may be due to his not so great rapping skills.  Either way, according to Law at least, the Jays won’t be calling Tyler Beede again in 2014.  As an aside, if Beede were to fall to 24, the slot value for that pick this year is $1,925,500, still a decent chunk of change, but less than the $2.5 million the Jays reportedly offered him back in ’11.  It’s always a risk for high school players to spurn that kind of dough but rumour has it the Jays and Beede couldn’t agree on his health more than money.  Plus the fact Tyler was so strongly committed to Vanderbilt.

And that’s the issue that, for me, annoys.  According to this lengthy piece on Anthopoulos, Beede was ‘so thoroughly vetted that the Jays spoke not just to his coaches but to his high-school teachers and guidance counsellors.’

Surely one of those people said something along the lines of, ‘this kid is going to school you idiots.’

Frustrating.  The Jays were the only team not to sign their first rounder in 2011, so you’re never going to win a first round like that.  And these pieces are only about Alex’ record in the first round.  I could go on to mention that the compensation pick the Jays received for not signing Beede netted them Marcus Stroman and that the money saved by not signing Tyler was put towards another reputed tough sign and poster boy for this blog Daniel Norris.  A kid who will end up being far better than what the Jays missed out on.

No, I’m not going to mention that at all.

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