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A Walking Start

This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time now, so excuse my opening paragraph rant. I just do not understand Team 1410. The local, and only ‘all sports network’ has an annoying habit of syndicating U.S. talk shows over broadcasting live sporting events. For me, I couldn’t believe ANYONE would want to listen to American hosts blather on about basketball over a Blue Jays game, but fine, this is Vancouver, not Toronto. But to not broadcast the C’s opening game??!

Shame on you Team Radio.

To the game. Ummmm, it was sloppy. The teams combined for nineteen bases on balls! I mean, what do these guys work on in Extended? Tri-City actually out hit the C’s eight to four, but were undone by some little league like play. Below is the sequence for the Canadians four run fourth:

Walk, HBP, Wild Pitch, Wild Pitch, Single, Fielders Choice, Stolen Base, Stolen Base, Error, Wild Pitch, Walk, Pick Off, Strike Out

It’s early, these teams have only just come together, and new players will be flying in over next week to ten days. It’s going to be a bit hit and miss for awhile.

The hitting star for the C’s was ex-Langley Blaze Justin Atkinson with two hits and two walks for a very tidy .800 OBP on the

Justin Atkinson and Shaun Valeriote pose during media day (photo courtesy of VancouverSun.com)

Justin Atkinson and Shaun Valeriote pose during media day (photo courtesy of VancouverSun.com)

day. The Canadians also swiped five bases. Without seeing the game, I can’t tell you if this is something they want to do this season or if they just picked up on something the Tri City pitchers were doing. Remember, Tim Raines was more than likely in the dugout. Bases must be stolen with the Rock in town.

Eric Brown had a nice start, giving up a single run on two hits, to earn the win. He’s not going to fool many hitters, as shown by his one strike out, so must keep the ball down and pitch to contact.

After mentioning in my last post how the C’s pen contains two converted pitchers, they both made appearances yesterday. Markus Brisker had a tough debut, giving up a run on a hit and two walks. Matthew Johnson only gave up a single in his inning of work, getting two of his outs by way of the ground out. To be successful, he needs to live on the ground.

In team news, two of the 2013 draft class were signed and assigned to Vancouver. A few days ago I bet my first born’s college fund that 21st round Canadian catcher Mike Reeves would be C’s bound. The college fund is safe, for now. Reeves, should be interesting. According to this write up from his alma mater, the backstop is not your proto-typical catcher, batting leadoff, or second, and putting up high on base numbers.

The second 2013 classman heading here is 23rd round outfielder Brendan Kulfus. If you read the rundown of achievements by Brendan from the commenter on this article, it’s hard not to get a bit excited about this kid. Will wait and see how he is integrated into the current team.

Tonight sees Kyle Anderson on the bump for the C’s as he faces Tri-City’s Jayson Aquino.

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