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A Review of the 2012 Positional Review

If you have been an avid reader of the blog yourvancs.com this may be a tad redundant, but with the new forum (and for other reasons which I will get into) I figured it would be a good time to review the 2012 positional pieces I’ve been doing the past couple of months.  With minor league spring training games due to start in ten or so days, real life assignments are going to be made which may or may not jibe with my predictions.  This post also serves as a pre-cursor to another article I want to do which will play around with different mathematical predictor models for minor league players.

If you would like to read the individual articles to get the full rundown on each player, I have linked the articles in question in a pseudo baseball diamond format:NatBailey

Center Field

Left Field                                                     Right Field

Third Base           Shortstop        Second Base         First Base


I dug out this article from the Vancouver Sun breaking down the lineup assembled for the beginning of the 2012.  It mentions eleven returnees, five of which, by my count at least, were outfield players.  Of those five, two of the rostered players, Roan Salas and Bryan Kervin did not play due to injury, so only three positional players saw the Nat two years running.

My chart shows ten returnees for 2013.  This will be on the high side.  One of the rules I made when beginning the exercise was that I was not going to make any ‘released’ predictions.  Just didn’t think it was fair.  So everybody got a team, kind of like the sports day participation ribbon.   But let’s be honest, baseball is not as nice as me, I would say at least four to six of the ten will not be in the organization after extended spring training.

Name Pos Age Drafted Year Last Years Team 2013 Predictions
Dan Klein C 22 28th Rnd 2012 N/A LAN
Leo Hernandez C 23 FA 2007 BLU VAN
Tucker Frawley C 23 8th Rnd 2012 N/A VAN
Santiago Nessy C 20 FA 2010 GCL VAN
Jordan Leyland 1B 23 9th Rnd 2012 N/A VAN
Roan Salas 1B 22 Waivers (TB) 2011 VAN VAN
Art Charles 1B 22 20th Rnd 2010 BLU LAN
Balbino Fuenmayor 1B 23 FA 2006 VAN/LAN LAN
Daniel Arcila 2B 22 FA 2007 BLU VAN
Derrick Chung 2B 25 31st Rnd 2012 N/A LAN
Christian Lopes 2B 20 7th Rnd 2011 N/A LAN
Kellen Sweeney 3B 21 2nd Rnd 2010 BLU LAN
Bryan Kervin 3B 27 27th Rnd 2008 VAN LAN
Jason Leblebijian 3B 21 25th Rnd 2012 N/A LAN
Jorge Flores SS 21 19th Rnd 2012 N/A VAN
Dalton Pompey CF 20 16th Rnd 2010 BLU LAN
D.J. Davis CF 18 1st Rnd 2012 N/A LAN
Ian Parmley CF 23 7th Rnd 2012 N/A VAN
Dwight Smith, Jr. LF 20 Supp Rnd 2011 N/A VAN
Matt Newman LF 24 FA 2011 VAN DUN
Nicholas Baligod RF 25 40th Rnd 2011 VAN DUN
Carlos Ramirez RF 21 FA 2009 BLU VAN

The reasoning behind the chart is just to make things easier when assignments are made and I need to apologize for getting so many incorrect.  For statistical predictions, I should just focus on the players who I am calling to be back in Vancouver.  would save me a ton of time.  But the players I am sending on up to Lansing are the more interesting ones so may take a quick peek at them as well.  Of course, Art Charles is now being assigned by Philadelphia management so he will won’t be enjoying Lansing’s hospitality.

I’m still hoping to get to the pitchers before April signals the beginning of full-season ball.  The starters shouldn’t be a problem, the relievers I’m a bit ambivalent about.

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