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A Bus Ride to Boise

The C’s have the day off today, which I should temper by saying their day off consists of a 14 hour bus ride to Boise, Idaho where  tomorrow they’ll open up a 5 game set with Boise Hawks.  Boise are the short season affiliate of the Chicago Cubs so am guessing they have zero prospects to speak of, but will actually endeavour to research that further the next time Boise visit the Nat.  The C’s next home game is not for a week or so, which should give me plenty of time to get some info on their opponents.

But, in the meantime, with mlb taking a break for the all-star drudgery, let’s take a quick scan through the Jays system to see if can unearth any nuggets before post break moves are made.  I actually got quite excited a couple of days ago when scrolling through twitter that the move a lot of Jays fans (and bloggers) want to see had come to fruition:

My hopes were quickly killed though, when got to the hashtag and realised Travis was on way home to Seattle and not off to Toronto.  In hindsight, should have picked up on that earlier, as nobody refers to Toronto as god’s country.

For the C’s, Colton Turner has been placed on the 7-day dl with an undisclosed injury which I’ll never be able to find out specifics for, since (unless the player tells you themselves over twitter) finding out  injury news from minor league teams is like cracking the da Vinci code.  Case in point, YourVanCs favourite Canadian, Dalton Pompey is still on the 7 day dl, for the 23rd day.  Back to Colton though, not sure how this will affect the C’s rotation as the entire roster is on the bus to Boise.  Suppose they’ll have to make do with an ‘everybody’ start until a replacement is shipped in.

Marcus Stroman was assigned to Vancouver on the 6th but has yet to crack the milb.com online roster.  He is on the bus to Boise though and is already the C’s most prolific tweeter having sent in excess of 40 tweets.  I suppose not much else to do in these modern times:


As per John Lott’s tweet, if a bp session was thrown, you have to assume game action is not far behind.  Box scores from Boise will be checked closely by Jays journos everywhere.  Also, if Vancouver fans want chance to catch him at the Nat, next week may be last chance as is only expected to hang around rookie ball for a couple of weeks.

In Lansing, ex Van C David Rollins was put on the 7 day dl.  I’d actually been meaning to do a post on David as he is quietly (read – in the shadow of the Lansing Big 3) putting together a good season for the Lugnuts.  Unfortunately I was waylaid somewhat by a Jays prospect writer I trust:


Still, LH pitchers that K close to a batter per inning don’t grow on trees, so will be interested to see what happens with David when he comes off the DL.  In fact, for me, what happens to the entire Lansing staff has to be the biggest question of the 2nd half.  Sanchez, Syndergaard, and Nicolino have proven themselves in A ball and need to be tested further.  I would have guessed a move to AA New Hampshire is on the cards which will cause all sorts of other dominoes to fall throughout the system.  A trade is another possibility.  With AA saying the Jays are currently buyers and not sellers (surely this has to change soon) and the twitter universe a buzz with Justin Upton rumours, any potential ‘big’ deal with Toronto would have to include one of those 3 starters.

In Bluefield news, Santiago Nessy has come off the dl and hit 3 home runs in his first 4 games back.  His ISO currently sits at .364 (small sample size alert) and wRC+ a healthy 166.  Santiago is an intriguing prospect, a raw, power hitting catcher, not something we are blessed with in Vancouver.  He’s only 19, but is in his 3rd year of pro ball.  I don’t think the Jays will hold him back if he continues his current pace.  One prospect I’d love to see in a C’s uniform but may be held back due to his age is Roberto Osuna.  He’s only thrown 12 innings so far, but they have been absolutely dominant, striking out 14 and walking none.  Again, given his frame and fact he pitched against men in Mexican League, I don’t see why the Jays would hold him back if carries on hot start.  That being said, scouting reports do point to his inconsistent velocity and developing secondary offerings which, combined with his age, may keep in the App for a year.

Hopefully this post hasn’t meandered all that much.  Let’s hope the C’s put on a good show against the Hawks.  With yesterday’s loss to the Aqua-Sox they now are 3 and a half games back in the West division with games running out in the first half.

Everett 18 7 .720
Vancouver 14 10 .583 3.5
Eugene 13 11 .542 4.5
Salem-Keizer 10 15 .400 8.0




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