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2012 Vancover Canadians Top 10 Prospects

I ran across this article the other day in Baseball America which breaks down (for subscribers at least, of which I am not one) the top twenty prospects in the Northwest League.  The free article does mention that there were quite a few players who may have made the list if eligible.  I can’t find the criteria they used for eligibility but it is safe to assume that if Roberto Osuna didn’t make the cut then all the late season call-ups, such as DJ Davis, Santiago Nessy, Art Charles, et al were ineligible.

Still, I’d say it is a bit disappointing that only one C was mentioned and that was in 20th position.  I would have assumed that if

that’s some good stretching

Taylor Cole was there, Javier Avendano would have been in the ballpark.  In fact, if you take into consideration fact Avendano is a year younger, had a better strikeout rate, and K/BB ratio, I would argue he is the better prospect.  But hey, I didn’t write the list.

One of my first posts on this site dealt with the question of what you would prefer to have in Vancouver.  Genuine prospects who may actually play in Toronto one day, or a winning side, no matter how constructed?  I think we got a bit lucky in Vancouver this past season.  Yes, we may not have been lucky enough to watch an entire season of domination by genuine prospects such as Lansing fans got with Aaron Sanchez, Justin Nicolino, and Noah Syndergaard (all former C’s).  But throughout the season, C’s fans did get to see some blue chip prospects in the red and black.  And, oh ya, we won the Northwest League Title.  Again.

So, in my first foray into prospect rankings, let’s try and break down the top 10 prospects who played their home games at the Nat this year.  The criteria for my list is pretty simple.  The player in question had to have played at least one game for the Canadians this season.  Easy.

Before I get to the list though.  A quick note.  There won’t be a ton of news concerning the Canadians over the off-season.  And the articles I would have published on the Jays winter doings will now be on JaysJournal.com.  I have agreed an exclusivity of content with JJ, so will struggle to maintain regular posts on yourvancs.com.  That being said, I don’t intend on forgetting the site until the 2013 short season kicks off.  In fact, I hope to make a weekly contribution.  My first project will be too look at the various players that donned a C’s jersey this past season and try to make an educated guess as to where they will be plying their trade next year.  Hopefully this kicks off in the next couple of weeks.

Without further ado, the top 10 Jays prospects who saw time at the Nat in 2012:

1) Roberto Osuna – I’ve written tons about this kids so far.  Not much more to say.  I will write a bit more on Jays Journal where I’ll try to guess how far he can climb next season.  Estimate big league arrival? 2015…as a 20 year old.

2) Daniel Norris – Norris’ intro into pro-ball didn’t go as smoothly as a lot of people expected.  His numbers are a bit ugly, but he is a leftie, and he does throw hard.  I expect big things next season.

3) Marcus Stroman – if it wasn’t for Stroman’s ped suspension, he may already be wearing Blue Jays blue.  If he continues as a reliever, am guessing he’ll be in the Jays pen in 2013

4) Dalton Pompey – I may be being a bit of a hoser by taking Pompey over #5 below, but there’s no doubting his talent.  The Jays are loaded at center field.  If one or two don’t get traded this off-season, 2013 will be very interesting to see where they all land

5) DJ Davis – the Jays 2012 first pick.  Wasn’t with the C’s for long, and numbers weren’t great.  But only 18, and even though he struggled at the dish in Northwest League, still managed to get himself on base with a 21.7% walk rate.  Athletic in the field and rapid on the bases.  Logjam in CF is a nice problem for Jays going forward.

6) Santiago Nessy – I may be way off base here, and he was brutal in Vancouver.  But a power hitting catcher who has yet to turn 20?  Mine.

7) Art Charles – I’m putting Art here strictly for his power.  He hit some balls out of the Nat that I’ve never seen before.  He already has big league power.  He also has a ton of holes in his swing, being especially susceptible to breaking balls away.  Still, a left handed bat with potential plus power and an ability to get on base.  As loaded as the Jays are in center, they are just as thin at first base.  Art could move up the ladder rapidly.

8) Kellen Sweeney – Kellen struggled mightily after starting in full season ball with Lansing.  After his demotion, he got off to a rough start in Vancouver.  His numbers may not have improved much as the season wore on, but every time I watched him, he put together better and better at bats.  Hitting the ball hard virtually every AB.  His defense can’t be questioned.  An excellent third basemen, it’ll be interesting to see where Kellen is assigned next season.

9) Javier Avendano/Taylor Cole – I’m being a bit wishy washy here, but these guys really couldn’t be separated on the field.  They led the league in most categories, even being one/two in some.  I’m not holding out hope we see them in a Jays uniform in the future, but weirder things have happened.

10) Jorge Flores – How could you have a Top 10 list concerning the Vancouver Canadians and not include the Single Digit Assassin?  5’5″ shortstops don’t project well, but this kid plays his guts out, and actually hits for a bit of power.  Let’s see what he can do in Lansing next year.


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